Business JAM by Jessica Osborn

The program for online professionals and coaches who want to create more freedom, fulfilment and flexibility in their life.

Ready to Have
Dream Clients Lining Up
To Work With You?

Consistently attract committed, high-paying clients so you can smash your monthly income goals in part-time hours and enjoy more time with the family!


Simple aligned strategy for more flow, less fluster.


To have a wildly profitable and fulfilling business, you need a steady stream of the right clients. Sounds obvious - right?


Yet, why is it so hard for most?

You may be exhausted from spending so much time (and money!) trying to perfect all the "must-do" tactics and still not getting anywhere...

If you're like most of the talented ladies I've helped, you’re tired of wondering should I do this, or that? Second-guessing every decision and feeling lost with every change of direction.

Or getting trapped in the feast or famine of referrals month to month, and always undercharging.

And possibly, you’ve been trying to be that 'right fit' for everyone, terrified of niching because it feels like missing out on obvious opportunities?

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, these are all just signs that your marketing strategy isn’t aligned. And it’s an easy fix, when you know how. 


The FASTEST way to have high-paying, committed clients lining up to work with you... simply to align the 5 key ingredients in your strategy!


Despite what you might hear, there's no ONE THING that magically brings you clients.

It's NOT how many times a week you post, a stylish brand or using trending audio on TikTok. It's not about you having a book or podcast or wasting your time doing icky cold outreach (thank goodness!)...

Business is more complex than ONE thing, there's many elements that go into any successful business - right?

Success comes down to a combination of just 5 key ingredients AND  how you align them, to attract the right clients consistently month after month.

Which means, no matter what marketing activity you choose - what you SAY and what you OFFER is always highly desirable to your perfect client. And converts like crazy!

No more trendy hacks. No more magic tactics. No more overwhelm paralysis!


Breathe.... ready to have everything feel SO much easier?

In Business JAM you'll swap spinning wheels, confusion and comparison-itus for a sweeter spread!


Just imagine how good it'll feel when:

>> You click open your calendar to see clients booked that excite you... while your marketing machine ticks along in the background bringing in more quality leads. 

>> You confidently say your new, higher prices on a discovery call, with a simple high-value offering that makes it an easy ‘yes’ with no sleazy sales in sight!

>> You can show your kids you mean it when you say family time is a priority, closing your laptop early and easily reaching those income goals within the part-time hours you want to work.

“My confidence factor has increased by about 150% now I have clarity, not just splashing around in muddy water” - Ruth Morgan


It doesn't take long to achieve big changes, when you know what to focus on...

Which of these results inspire you the most?

"My average project value has increased by 825%!"

Everything has changed since I did Business JAM. My perspective, my energy, my focus, my clarity, my purpose.

I was overwhelmed, lost. Knowing I needed to niche, but having zero clue how to go about it. 

It gave me the confidence and clarity to niche down and simplify my offer so I could reduce non-billable time and eliminate overwhelm. 

I increased revenue by 170% in the first 60 DAYS! 

It’s easily the best business decision I’ve ever made – and the best investment!

Miranda Packer - Wordbird Copywriting

"I grew revenue by 300% and smashed my annual income target in JUST 90 DAYS!"

Before Business JAM, my lack of clarity meant I wasted so much time, and I was terrified of niching.

I learned how to create an aligned business model with one main focus for marketing. I’m clear on exactly who my ideal client is, and what I do for them.

My business has exploded this year - working just 10 hours a week - and I'm now at a level I never thought possible!

And I’ve achieved all this without sacrificing time with my young daughters.

Alexandra Lopez - Alexandra Lopez Studios

"I increased prices 33% and now pay myself a salary that feels abundant!"

Business JAM has transformed my business! Previously I was too dependent on referrals, not generating my own clients, and afraid to raise my prices.

Before joining, I had doubts. Just because it’s worked for others, doesn’t mean it will work for me. I was wrong! I’ve now got a constant flow of revenue, and knowing exactly who my ideal client is means my messaging is better, and so she comes to me. 

I feel clear, purposeful and have so much more space in my day to work on things that matter, like creating extraordinary websites for extraordinary women.

Sally Tudhope - Sally Tudhope Creative

"I'm on track to quadruple my income compared to last year!"

 I have double as many active clients now as I did before I worked with you (and a steady stream of leads).

I knew something was missing because I wasn’t getting the traction I wanted on my own. I didn’t realize just how lost I was until I enrolled with Jessica and Business JAM! Since then, my copywriting business has gone from boring to soaring! šŸ˜

She has helped me finally define my niche (a task that I thought was impossible)! This was such a pivotal piece to my business, and literally changed everything (for the better!). Now that my niche is defined, everything I do actually gets results instead of making me feel like I’m spinning my wheels.

Molly Frank - Founder of Frankly Fabulous Copy

Business JAM program by Jessica Osborn screenshots

Introducing Business JAM!

It’s not a new spread, it’s Just Authentic Marketing! 

Business JAM is the ONLY strategic program for online coaches, professionals and consultants that shows you how to align your strategy to have high-paying committed DREAM clients on-tap, and exceed your income goals within the hours YOU want to work!


How does Business JAM work? Let’s take a closer look…

1. The JAM Plan - Core Content


The simple steps to define & align your 5 KEY ingredients so that you've got a stream of fabulous 'wish-list' clients, and the fulfilling, profitable, part-time business you always wanted.

It’s the same framework I use with my 1:1 and group coaching clients, with some achieving results of 300% profit growth in just 90 days!

2. Action-based Learning 


Who has time for long boring trainings that leave you with a pile of notes but no progress made? You won’t find that in Business JAM!

This program is designed to help you start making progress by taking action right from Day 1.

Access Business JAM on your laptop or via the handy mobile app, so you can listen while on your morning walk, driving the kids to school, or waiting for your coffee!

3. Active Support


Have you ever bought a course or program where you’re one of thousands and there’s no real support? Leaving you feeling lost and unsure if you’ve really nailed it?

In Business JAM you get access to ME in our private members group. Got a question? I’ll answer it. Need feedback? Sure thing! 

Plus, you can attend our (free) monthly Office Hours call for a hot seat with me, upgrade to my Accelerator Group Coaching for 6 months of coaching in an intimate group, or book a 1:1 session to pick my brains anytime!

4. Your BJAM Family


It’s lonely being at the helm of your own business. Partners and mates rarely understand what you’re going through. Your dog might pretend to be interested, but really, they can’t offer much advice! 

When you join Business JAM, you join for life, and become part of our extraordinary community of supporters, challengers and cheerleaders - a supportive bunch of like-minded go-getters who understand you, cheering you on every step of the way.

"I LOVED the community of like-minded people coming together and genuinely being a cheer squad for each other!"

Alexandra Lopez

Is Business JAM right for me?

Great question! It's not for everyone. But if these sound like you, Business JAM will be a game-changer.

āœ“ You’re a professional or creative who provides done-for you services or coaching and spending waaaay too much of your week on non-billable time.


āœ“ You’re completely stuck with how to market yourself and too reliant on referrals, you’re open to a new way of doing things and trying a different approach. 


āœ“ You’re an action-taker who is 100% committed to your business goals, you’re ready to jump into this with both feet.


āœ“ You know you deliver great results for your clients, you're just stuck in the exhausting ‘search and sell’ cycle, instead of easily attracting them to you.


āœ“ You’re ready for your business to explode? (actual words from a Business Jammer!)


It’s NOT for you, if:


āœ˜ You’re a note-taker, not an action-taker.

āœ˜ You’ve got a bricks and mortar, retail, or e-commerce product business. 

āœ˜ You’re in any type of MLM / network marketing business. 

āœ˜ You’re the sort of person who wants a magic pill instant solution. (Plenty of bro marketers out there with the latest 'hack', 'trick' or 'failproof system' you can try!)

Alexandra remodeled her service offering to align her strengths, ideal clients and revenue targets. She's now working with dream clients on projects she LOVES, all in just 10 hours a week!

"I grew revenue by 300% in just 90 days - I've already smashed my entire year's revenue target and there's 9 months still to go!"

I asked her what she'd say to someone considering Business JAM... here's what she says:


Hi, I’m Jessica!

I’m a business strategist, mum of 2, podcaster and author who loves travel, wine, coffee and chocolate!

I spent 20 years building a successful marketing career, leading teams to create multi-billion dollar businesses and brands.

Even so, starting in this business I made plenty of rookie mistakes! Then I got specific about who I really wanted to work with and aligned my services and marketing to suit.

Everything became SO much easier! I attracted the right clients and I was able to help them achieve really outstanding results in a short time.

My own business growth took off, and so did theirs!

Business JAM is NOT a fad, or a cookie cutter method. It's the way to define and align YOUR strategy so your business gives you the exact results you WANT!

My private clients pay up to $10,000 to work with me on the exact same steps, today you can start for just $277!

Jessica xxx

Let's dive in... here's the core content you're getting inside!

Most people think of strategy as one GIANT thing. But it’s actually a combination of 5 KEY strategic ingredients that work together to get real results. 

The JAM Plan shows you how to optimise these 5 ingredients, and align them so they’re working in sync to bring you dream clients and a fulfilling, flexible and profitable business in the hours you set.

(If you don't align them, attracting clients is hard, marketing feels scattered and ineffective.)


Get Clear On Your Sweet Spot In The Market So You Know Who The Right Clients Are

This one is the critical first ingredient of your entire strategy and the one that determines the success of the rest!

>> Define your expertise clearly for others to understand so that you’re recognised for the value you bring and seen with authority in your space

>> Specify your dream client, so that you can attract more of them and less of the ones that you find uninspiring

>> Uncover WHY YOU - your unique difference - so that you stand out as the obvious choice for the right clients.


Services That Are Easy to Sell, Increase Profit and Customer Lifetime Value

Aligning your service offering to your niche creates a powerful positioning in the market that enables faster growth! 

>> Create profitable service offerings that align with your work-life balance so that you’re working the hours you want while hitting revenue goals

>> Position your pricing so saying YES is a no-brainer for high-value clients! 

>> Align your offerings in a simple customer journey so you can retain clients for the long term, earn more per client, and spend less time marketing!


Craft Powerful Messaging That Connects With Your Ideal Clients & Helps Them Buy

Once you’ve optimised WHO you’re targeting and WHAT you’re selling them, this part is all about HOW to communicate that message with them!

>> Take your brand presence from ignorable to impactful by creating a unique energetic force that draws your people in

>> Craft simple but powerful messaging that connects with their deepest desires and improves conversions

>> Uncover the barriers preventing them taking action so you can remove them before you’ve reached the point of sale


Your Simple Marketing Flow That Turns Strangers Into High- Converting Leads

 When your marketing activities are aligned they create a flow that brings in quality leads consistently.

 >> Discover how to use PR, social media, ads, SEO, email marketing, events, podcasts and more so you can choose the best way to connect with your audience that suits you and your business

>> Align your chosen activities into a simple customer journey - so you’ve got a flow of leads coming in each week

>> Set your marketing targets and track your results so you’re clear on what’s working, what’s not and where your gaps are


Simple Sales Process That Signs Clients Without Any Pushy, Awkward or Time-Consuming Tactics

Imagine how great it’ll feel when your sales conversations are with people who already want to work with you, and all you need to do is provide the next step?  

>> Create a simple sales process that’s suited to your business model and converts your leads into clients with high success rate
>> Discover how to confidently run sales calls, talk about your offer without feeling icky
>> Turn your online presence into a 24/7 sales machine, so that you’re making sales on demand, while you’re elsewhere!

Let's add some extra JAM!


āœ” Recurring & Repeat Clients

Increase the rate of return and recurring clients, to add easy revenue without marketing!

āœ” Automation & Experience

Use automation, streamlining and technology to reduce your non-billable time AND create an incredible experience for your clients that they won't stop raving about!

āœ” Templates, Worksheets, Demos & More

Save time with easy to follow templates for messaging, emails, web pages and tech demos!


"My average project value increased by 825% in just 8 weeks!"

"Joining Business JAM has been a game changer. I gained the confidence and clarity to define my specialisation in a niche that I'm fiery about, increase my prices, and simplify my offering.

"It’s easily the best decision I’ve ever made; I’m now on the path to a business that offers true flexibility!"


Miranda Packer, Brand Voice Strategist

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What you're getting:

The JAM Plan core content
 with the 5 must-have ingredients to attract & retain clients on profitable programs.

āœ“ Extra JAM content on automation, technology & customer experience to streamline your operations

āœ“ Daily coaching, support & connection in members-only community 

āœ“ Monthly "Office Hours" call for questions, coaching & feedback

āœ“ Templates, worksheets & tech demos - Hours of your time – saved!

āœ“ LIFETIME access to online program, members' community & ALL future updates - Seriously, priceless!

+ Less Work More Life BONUS Bundle to automate your online business


Choose Your Investment Option Below to Begin!

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(SAVE $167!)


PLUS... When you enrol you'll get access to these popular masterclasses absolutely FREE! 


Less Work, More Life Bonus Bundle

Irresistible Lead Magnet Mini-Course

Value: $397


Over 2 powerful sessions you'll be guided to create the perfect LEAD magnet, that adds the right people to your email list, and into your sales system on autopilot!

Website Conversion Masterclass

Value: $247


Learn the secrets to a high converting website, with messaging, layout, user journeys and design to improve your conversions from traffic to lead to sale.

Business Automation Masterclass

Value: $247


Learn about how I automate so much of my business but still deliver a personalised experience. Come behind the scenes on sales, marketing and business automation!

BONUS Bundle Value: $891

Still not sure? I get it – you want to make sure you’ve invested in something that will actually help you grow your business. I'm completely confident in my strategic method, the results prove it!


Here's your 'sleep easy at night' safety net

You’ve got 365 days from when you enrol to go through the program and follow the steps to implement your strategy. If you haven’t been able to increase your revenue from implementing the strategy, simply email me with your results and I’ll refund you 100%. Guaranteed!

Now, you might be sitting there thinking "this all looks great BUT I don't have much time, will it work for me?"

What if the real reason you don’t have enough time is because you're currently making it harder than it needs to be, with scattered, disjointed marketing? 

Knowing that you're already busy, I designed Business JAM for people just like you and I: juggling the demands of kids, family, business and maybe even a job on the side!

You’re a supermum but you don’t need to be superhuman to succeed in this program. 

You get active support and check-ins, you've got everything you need to make progress even if you've got just 1 hour to spare a week.

With LIFETIME access to Business JAM, you don’t have to worry about it expiring, you can come back and do any of it again whenever you need a refresh!

So, the real question is - do you have TIME to continue at the rate you've been going? Or would you rather reach your next milestone THIS year, and with less effort?

Less stress, more action. 

Let’s do it together! xx

Yes, it really works! Here's a few more words from our alumni...


“I needed to get out of the weeds of ‘doing’ in my business and start thinking more strategically.”


A big highlight for me was the coaching group. Being new to entrepreneurship I really struggled with the solo element after years in corporate teams.

It was amazing to connect with an incredible group of supportive and inspiring women every week who shared, listened, empathised and cheered for one other.

Tanya Siggins, Founder – Zest Boutique Coaching & Consulting


“Business JAM is the best investment I made in 2020!”


Jess taught me how to create packages that deliver what my ideal clients want, as well as develop a clear plan where every marketing activity has a specific purpose.

This meant I stopped wasting time doing things that don’t work for MY business.

With changes I made to my service offering, I paid off my investment in two months, making my new business instantly profitable!

Claudia Harley, Founder – Bookkeeping for Wealth


“I have clarity on my pricing and processes to keep my business growth on track”


Marketing was something I really wanted to focus on in 2020, and Jess has put together an AMAZING course full of information, in logical steps to ensure it’s bite-sized and actionable, week by week…

As a result of Business JAM, I have been able to develop my business growth plan, refine my ideal customer and refine my messaging to attract my ideal customer – and it’s working!

Jo-Anne Clifford, Founder – Wild Fox Creative

"I signed my first 4-figure client!"

Business JAM is just what I needed for this part of my business journey.

I am now clear on who I serve,  how I want to deliver my services and how I can make it work around my family commitments.

One of the best things I learned was not to base my price on my competitors, but to focus on my own value and build packages to suit the clients I want to work with.

 It’s been a game-changer!

Georgina Chai - Flourish Career and VA Services

Got Questions? I’ve got answers!

Decision time! 

The fact you're still here reading, means that you know you could make a significant change to your business results, that it's possible for you.

Maybe you don't feel ready, however you've probably done many things in life where you weren't 100% ready first - right?  Taking action gives you confidence, not the other way round.

Maybe the investment feels a lot right now... what if you could make it back with JUST ONE SALE? Most of my BJAMMERS pay it off before they even finish!

Now you've got a choice to make!

You've seen what's possible, and heard from others who've had success before you. You know it works. 

So, the question is.....

Will you be the type who waits around in hope that it will get better, wondering if you’re doing enough and still getting the same results in 6 months or even 1 year from now

Or, are you the type who lifts the weight off your shoulders by taking action to change your results... 

...and in 90 days be the one celebrating huge growth with a fulfilling, flexible business that works for YOU?


"If I had Business JAM 6 years ago, I’d be in a completely different place right now…

Not making all those mistakes. Not having sleepless nights, with all the questions and tears and considering throwing in the towel!

The supportive community inside Business JAM has been invaluable. What you give, you get back 10-fold!"

Belinda Owen, Founder - Belinda Owen Web Designs

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What you're getting:

The JAM Plan core content
 with the 5 must-have ingredients to attract & retain clients on profitable programs.

āœ“ Extra JAM content on automation, technology & customer experience to streamline your operations

āœ“ Daily coaching, support & connection in members-only community 

āœ“ Monthly "Office Hours" call for questions, coaching & feedback

āœ“ Templates, worksheets & tech demos - Hours of your time – saved!

āœ“ LIFETIME access to online program, members' community & ALL future updates - Seriously, priceless!

+ Less Work More Life BONUS Bundle to automate your online business


Choose Your Investment Option Below to Begin!

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Six Monthly Installments of



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(SAVE $167!)


Still on the fence?

Jump on a zoom with me to have a quick chat and ask me any questions you like. No sales pitches here - if you’re not the right fit for Business JAM, I’ll tell you straight up.

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