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If you’re feeling like you’re just one of many in your niche, battling for the same pool of clients, and competing on price to win business, it’s time to change your strategy. 

Business JAM is a marketing program like no other. 

Instead of diving straight into tactics that’ll keep you busy till the sun goes down, I’ll show you how to do less but grow more through a marketing strategy tailored to your strengths

You’ll get my proven method to define your unique value, become the go-to person, and structure profit-driven services that deliver on your revenue goals. 

Imagine how empowering it will feel to finally take control of your client attraction system so you’re working with the BEST clients, commanding top rates and driving growth for your business as the smart CEO you really are inside?

I sold my first 4-figure package! 

Business JAM is just what I needed for this part of my business journey – I am now clear on who I want to serve in my business and that's exactly who I am attracting consistently. 

I've been able to set my own pricing above market rates, by getting very clear on the value I bring. 

The VIP coaching calls were also really valuable, and I loved being part of the group as we were able to encourage each other, share our progress and help each other with ideas and suggestions.

I highly recommend working with Jessica if you want to lay down strong foundations for growth in your business.

Georgina Chai

I launched my business and made back my investment within 2 months!

Business JAM is the best investment I made in 2020! Before joining Business JAM I felt I was going in circles, not making any significant progress.

I knew my customer but Jessica helped me create an offer for them by thinking of a framework and understand the “customer journey” concept.

On our coaching calls, she helped me keep focus on money making activities and I also felt supported by fellow members. 

I stopped procrastinating because I now know exactly what to do.

Claudia Harley  

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When you complete Business JAM you'll know how to attract a consistent stream of your perfect clients – without slaving away on social media, or (gulp!) relying on referrals. 


"Miranda finally nailed her niche and went from a freelance copywriter picking up odd jobs to a fully booked social proof specialist commanding top rates."

Miranda Packer
WordBird Copywriter

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