Want to attract the right customers for your business?


Having a targeted marketing strategy means being specific about exactly who you really want and what you want to sell them.

Imagine if you attracted your ideal customer with ease and they made up 80% of your customer base. 

Life would be great wouldn’t it?

It can happen, once you know who that ideal customer really is, and you have a way to attract them into your email list where you can nurture them towards the sale. 

Enter your irresistible lead magnet! 

It’s not hard to do, and why wouldn’t you want prospective ‘ideal customers’ entering your funnel every day, on autopilot? 

My main lead magnet converts 80% of visitors to the landing page into subscribers. It’s ‘irresistible’ to them!

All I need to do is send the right people there and they join my list. You can do this too – let’s start with your lead magnet!

Attract your ideal customer to your email list with an Irresistible Lead Magnet

Detailed step by step online training

Learn my proven lead magnet formula to attract your ideal customer to your email list – on autopilot!


How’s this for a value-packed online course?

✔  Part 1: Nailing your concept: who you’re trying to attract and what do they really want?

✔  Part 2: Creating your lead magnet – what format is best?

✔  Part 3: Setting up the tech for an evergreen funnel that captures your leads and delivers the lead magnet – while you’re sleeping!

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