Recognising Imposter Syndrome & Using It To Your Advantage - with Rachel Lounds

Are you struggling with overwhelm? Or maybe it's a lack of confidence in yourself - the old 'imposter syndrome' holding you back? Today on the podcast, psychologist Rachel Lounds, from The Poschology Collective, is here to tell you that imposter syndrome is not your friend!

One of the most significant barriers in business – and life – is what Rachel calls 'comparisonitis'. If you are comparing yourself to other people - whether online or the success of someone in your workplace – that won't serve you at all!

Instead, the key is to remind yourself that everybody is different. You are unique, and no one on this earth is like you! No one has the skills like you, thinks like you, or can offer what you have. Identifying with yourself and being more comfortable with who you are will stop you from feeling stressed out and negatively comparing yourself to others. 

It's hard. I get it! I've had all the struggles with imposter syndrome, pricing my worth, putting my face 'out there' for the first time. Although, to be honest, sometimes I still battle the old imposter syndrome even though I've had so many successes with my clients over the last several years. But, I guess we never stop growing, and no matter how far we come, the breakthrough is never far away either!

Tune in for lots of great advice and tips on how you can turn imposter syndrome around and use it to your advantage.

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