What To Do When You Have More Than One Ideal Customer Profile

On the podcast today, I'm talking about something I see as one of the biggest problems that many entrepreneurs have.

I have this conversation repeatedly with many people in my coaching groups and even in my Facebook group. The. Struggle. Is. REAL! They want to know how you get an ideal customer when you often have more than one in mind. 

Now, because we're entrepreneurs, this is common because you are a person that sees opportunities. So it's tough to feel like you're narrowing down or you've got to leave some behind. And this would be the number one reason why it's so hard to find an ideal customer or create your avatar.

And I think if that's you, you probably have found that you just stop halfway through the process because it's just too hard to pick just one. 

Here's what I want you to know! If you do have more than one ideal customer, it's not the end of the world. 

Yes. You can still do business. 

Yes. You can still be successful if you have more than one. It's just going to be a little bit harder for you. 

And that becomes apparent any time that you've gone to do any sort of marketing activity. For example, when working with a professional to do your social media, email, or website redesign, the first question they're going to ask is to tell us about who it is you're targeting. 

And this is where you commonly will start thinking, Oh dear! And then you run through a list of prospective customers or maybe even describing who your current customers are, and then that leaves everybody in a bit of a muddle as to what should we do here?

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