What's preventing you attracting your ideal clients?

If you stay general instead of niching down, nobody can see your true value, so they don't buy.


Know Your Niche


Finally get clear on your niche… so that you can focus your marketing and attract the right clients – with ease!


Ready to stop wasting time throwing the net wide and catching everything except the fish you really want?

For service-based businesses, attempting to market to everyone you can help leaves you hustling to attract just any clients, competing on price and frustrated about slow growth…

...while being crystal clear about your niche helps you stand out as the obvious choice, and attract the best clients who value your expertise and are willing to pay for it!

Do I really NEED to niche? 


You might be sitting there worrying that ‘niching’ means making your market smaller, which feels like less opportunity and therefore less chance of success - right? 

I can understand why you’d think that, and why what I’m about to say seems completely counter-intuitive!

Defining a specific niche doesn’t make it harder to attract clients, it makes it easier!

You'll actually have MORE opportunities and much faster growth when you choose to focus your energy on a specific niche ….where YOU do what you do BEST.

Jessica Osborn, niche specialist for service based businesses
Jessica Osborn business coach specialising in niche strategy marketing

Here’s why:

A niche means 'specialisation'.

When you specialise, you create authority.

Authority creates reputation and reputation creates trust. I'm sure you know that trust is essential for making sales! 

The major bonus is that specialisation ALSO means you can command higher rates than a generalist who’s offering the same service as you.

Specialists are perceived by us all as higher value. 

Who’s paid more? A GP or a heart surgeon? An accountant or an investment advisor? A copywriter or a conversion-copy specialist?


"My business has exploded! I've grown revenue over 300% in less than 3 months."

"I was struggling trying to be everything for everyone and charging market rates. I didn't know that niching down was what was required for me to grow and reach the goals I had dreamt about. But I trusted the process and now I'm now working with my dream clients on projects that fulfil me, and I've made more than my entire last year's revenue in the first quarter of this year!"

Alexandra Lopez, Voice Strategist & Coach

"Never before has niching made more sense than the way you explained it."

"Niching has been hard for me. I struggled with it for 3 years. I've faced those fears of 'excluding people' and 'missing out on clients'. Which meant marketing was hard and I relied on referrals. Now I'm clear on my specialisation andI'm not afraid to share I work with high-achieving creatives anymore! That's who I work with, that's who I help excel. And together we create incredible results!"

Hannah Page, Presentation Coach

Just imagine how good it will feel when:


✔  You stand out from competitors and you become known as the ‘go-to’ person for what you do. 

✔  You know exactly who your ideal client is, and how to reach them, which means you can be highly targeted with your marketing efforts and spend less time messing around with time-wasting tactics.

✔  You regularly have your ‘ideal client’ dropping into your inbox or DMs, requesting to learn more about how they can work with you, ready to sign up.

✔  You’re clear on your unique value so you can command your best rates and earn more while working less.

✔  Your clients are a dream to work with and you love every minute of your working day, rather than the drag of working with clients who don’t value you and cause more hassle than they’re worth.

Know Your Niche will help you do just that....

When you have clarity on 3 elements that make up your niche: WHAT, WHO and WHY YOU ...

…you’ll be able to market and sell with confidence.

It’s the key to successful (and simple!) marketing.


Before I tell you more,
let’s confirm exactly who this is for


✔ You’re a consultant, coach or service professional, and.. 

✔ You want to attract a consistent stream of quality prospects dropping into your DMs or booking calls, without running expensive campaigns, or spending half your time on social media. 

✔ You’re struggling to get specific about what you do, because you have a diverse range of talents and many potential customers – and you don’t want to prevent any of them from buying.

✔ You want to build a reputation for being a top quality service so that you can price as a premium offering and grow your bottom line!

Sounding familiar? Great, read on…

Jessica Osborn Know Your Niche online course

Why is it SO hard to work out your niche on your own?

When you've got broad experience it can be SO hard to pinpoint your ideal space in the market.

You might doubt you've chosen the right thing, which usually means continually changing your offers and your messages, trying to find something that sticks - aka spinning wheels and going nowhere!

The reality is, defining a specific niche goes against our core survival instincts - logic tells us that if we go for a smaller part of the market, we’ll have less customers and less chance to grow our business. 

Even when you realise the opposite is true, it's still scary leaving customers for others to serve when it's something we know we could do - right?

However, getting specific about your niche is the most effective way to experience faster growth in your business! It makes marketing (and working with quality clients) so much easier

Which is exactly why I developed this program - giving you the exact steps and questions to figure out YOUR best niche, so you can confidently put your best foot forward. 

Introducing ....
Know Your Niche!


When you enrol you’re getting:

✔  Niche Discovery: Nail down your ideal niche in your industry, so that you’re working in your zone of genius every day and become known for what you do best..

 Unique Difference Discovery: Identify your USP (unique selling proposition) aka your 'difference', so that you can stand out from the crowd and attract high-value clients.

 Value Discovery: Learn how to identify and communicate your value so that you can command the best rates and increase your profitability.

Delivered to you via short video lessons and action steps so that you get clarity and make progress right away.

Start today and be clear on your niche before the end of the week!


Lifetime Access for only $197!  


Lifetime Access

so you can come back and do it again, any time you need more clarity…

Step by Step Video + Worksheets

so you can easily follow along and get the result you want…

Action Based Learning

so you can start implementing right away and see results happening!

Plus, you’re getting these fab BONUSES worth $197 ... absolutely free!


Finally discover who's the best fit client for your niche specialisation, so you can target your marketing to attract more of them! Create a detailed customer avatar profile that makes it easy to connect with them.  Usually $147


Craft your specific I help statement to bring together your niche and your ideal customer into a succinct ‘elevator pitch’ that helps others understand your business immediately. At least $50!

Imagine how good it will feel when you're super clear too!

"The only tool that seemed deep enough!"

“Your [Ideal Customer Masterclass] was the only tool that seemed deep enough to get me to try to do it right.”

Catalina Johnson, Director - HR Refined

"It gave me clarity on who my avatar is"

“This was a fantastic course. It gave me clarity on who my avatar is and how I can better meet their needs.” 

Rebecca Hartnett

Can I make this even more of a no-brainer?

You want better clients and an easier time winning them. I know this works. So I’m willing to back it 100%.

If you don’t get clear on your niche by the end of this program, I’ll refund you the full amount! 



Hi! I'm Jessica

I'm a business coach for consultants, coaches, and online professionals.

I’ve worked in marketing for services businesses and running my own two online businesses for the last 23+ years! 

In that time, I’ve learnt that for any brand to grow and any business to experience success you need to have a strong marketing strategy.

However, it’s NOT about your method or what tactics you choose. It’s being crystal clear about your unique value to the market PLUS getting very specific on who you’re there to serve. 

It’s hard for businesses of any size to get specific with their niche, but the ones that do tackle it – grow fast. I've experienced it first hand!

So – I’ve pulled this training directly from my coaching programs, where clients of mine have achieved profit growth of +500% after adopting a niche strategy and learning how to attract better clients. 

They pay up to $11,000 to work with me on this one-to-one. Or $1,997 to do my Business JAM program.

But this short course (binge it all in a day if you want!) is available to you now, because I want to help as many of you as possible to achieve more in 2022.

Ready for this? Let’s do it!

 Jessica xx


TODAY you can get my highly-effective niche discovery process for just $197! 

What if in less than one week's time you're already clear on your niche? And when you're attracting high quality clients easily... what would THAT be worth to you? It's what's possible for you.

Let's do this!


Got Questions? I got answers!

Here's the bottom line: 

There's no such thing as a premium Jack-of-all-trades. While you continue to avoid naming your "zone of genius", you'll continue to operate down in the low-cost layer of your market, where the best clients are not hanging out. 

My process helps you discover your zone of genius, aka get clear on your niche. 

When you're clear on your niche, you'll experience just how easy it is to attract the BEST clients.