Tired of undercutting yourself and feeling nervous about raising rates?


Pricing with Poise 

Discover how to confidently structure your prices - so that you're paid properly for your services!


Do you find pricing your services hard?

You’re not alone! It’s probably the number one struggle for most online professionals and coaches like us.

It’s because we’re not pricing products with fixed costs, but our own expertise, knowledge and time – and how exactly do you put a value on that?

If you commonly ask yourself things like:
“What should I charge?”,
“How much is too much?”,
“What are people willing to pay for this?”

Then you’re in the right place!

This masterclass is designed to show you how to structure your service packages and pricing that enable you to sell easily to the right people and maximise your profit potential.

Hey there!


Pricing should be simple – it’s just a number, right?

Well, it’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve had to master since having my own business, even after 20 years as a marketing leader for leading corporations!

When I used to sit down to price my services, I would get myself in a total tangle!

Suddenly I wouldn’t have a clue how much I should charge and my mind would go round in circles, losing confidence all the time. I’d go and make another coffee … but I’d come back and struggle again.

Since then, I’ve discovered the key to successful pricing and it’s often the dead opposite of what we intuitively think we should do!

With this masterclass I’m going to show you how to tackle pricing with poise… so you can be calm, collected and confident with how you’re selling your services.

And, most importantly, set prices that make you profitable.



Who is this for?


If you’re a consultant, coach, or offer services to businesses, then this is for you!

I see many people in our space approach their pricing by surveying the market, creating services in line with what others are offering, and then choosing a low price because they feel they need to ‘be competitive’.

But, the cold, hard truth is this puts you in a race to the bottom! You’re giving yourself the lowest profit margins and attracting the penny-pinching type of clients who don’t value what you do while you work your butt off to make a living.

Instead, you could be creating your services to set you apart from the competition, where you’re selling based on value, and use pricing to your advantage – it’s actually a key part of your brand positioning!


Jess challenged me to better define my target audience and offer. I felt like she gave me ‘permission’ to increase my pricing, as she reassured me of the value of my offer and what I had to potentially gain. 

Melissa Packham, Founder - A Brand is Not a Logo


About the Pricing with Poise Masterclass

Get ready for something a bit different! Who wants a boring masterclass on boring pricing? Not me!

That’s why I do things a bit differently.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll be given instant access to my pricing strategy framework that I use for my Business JAM and private coaching clients! 

You're getting access to 3 short online lessons where you’ll learn about these elements to successful pricing strategy:

1: Projecting Revenue

✔  Map out your current revenue earning capacity vs your targets to identify your best growth strategy and know exactly what you need to sell to reach them.

2: Positioning in the Market

✔  How to use your pricing and service packages to position yourself in the market and attract your ideal customers.

3: Psychology of Pricing

✔  What influences their buying decisions and how you can use your pricing options to increase conversions and channel them towards the services you really want to sell.

Each of these lessons have worksheets to take you step by step through the process of building your packages and pricing them to avoid low-price competition.


Join me LIVE on June 19 for a pricing workshop!  

We'll dive into the challenges holding you back in your pricing strategy and you'll walk away with clarity and confidence to charge the right rates for YOUR business!


>> Workshop recording and above pricing lessons are yours - for life - when you enrol today! 

Usually $397, enrol before 19 June for just $197!



100% Money Back GUARANTEE!

I know this strategy works, so I'm prepared to back it 100%.

guarantee that by the end of the masterclass you’ll know how to set your prices to return better profits…
OR I’ll refund you 100%! Simply get in touch with me and my team at [email protected]


One of the best things I learned was not to base my price on my competitors, but to focus on my own value and what I could bring. It’s been a game-changer!

I’ve helped many clients to gain 300% – 500% increases in revenue and profit through simply understanding pricing strategy and implementing this simple process. 


Now it’s YOUR turn!

My private clients pay me anywhere from $4,900 to $10,000 to work with me in a close intimate setting.  

And my Business JAM program, which is another way you can get this pricing training, costs $1,197.

Pricing is tricky! I know, I’ve been there too. I see people struggling with pricing all the time. Putting a value on your time, expertise and knowledge isn’t easy.

And as women, we’re even more challenged by charging decent rates because we tend to avoid rejection (and price is one area we perceive rejection to be highest!) 

I want to help more women learn how to set prices confidently so they can have a profitable, enjoyable business and be paid what they’re really worth. 

Got Questions? I got answers!

..Ok, are you ready? We’re going to nail your pricing strategy!

Join me in this online masterclass to discover the sales psychology that goes into pricing, what helps you gain maximum profit for your service, and attracts the right kind of clients..

YES, pricing has a LOT to do with the kind of clients you attract! 


Sign up now and let’s get started!