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Transform Your Strategy So You Double Your Profit While You Work Less Hours

Yes, it's possible!

Discover the simple strategies that help booked-out professionals to scale their business, without the hustle, so that you have more TIME for the important stuff in life!



Are you fed up working too many hours for what you're earning, while others seem to have the idyllic lifestyle?

If you’re like many smart women I work with who’ve successfully turned their skills into a service-based business...

... you get busy working with clients... and then you hit the revenue ceiling

While it's great to have clients, isn't it frustrating to have left behind the glass ceiling, only to be constrained by a new one?

Then there’s the guilt when you compromise on family time, and let’s not even bring up the lack of time left for yourself!

I’ve been there too. 

Although I'm sure you also love your work, we didn’t leave the corporate world to have even less flexibility, lower pay and no holidays - right?

Now's the time to shift the gears in your business to create SPACE to scale, and become the smart-working CEO you're absolutely ready to be.

The biggest mistake I see overworked solopreneurs make when they want to increase revenue is thinking they need MORE. 

More clients, or more services (and therefore more clients!).

Sometimes they pile money into ads, or start a new social media strategy....

But, think about it for a moment: adding more clients when your capacity is maxed-out, is like going back to the buffet for third helpings when you’re already full… it's painful, and never a good idea!

When you try to add ‘MORE’ without a scalable service model, you're creating more admin burden.

It actually reduces the amount of time you have available for earning - creating the exact opposite outcome that you really want - more work and less profit.

But there’s a much better way to scale.

A smart-working CEO has a scalable service model. This means their business is optimised, streamlined and minimalist - so they're not left chained to their desk.

It’s time to ditch the long hours for easy days and full-nights sleep. 

Get ready to become a smart-working CEO and elevate your business to the next level!

Introducing The Momentum Club!

Over the next 12 months, you’ll be supported and coached to transform your business, to remove that revenue ceiling and set you up for growth in the years to come.



The Simple Way to Scale

Adopt a scalable service model and double your revenue (at least!) through the 4 growth levers of my strategic framework; the Simple Scale Method.  


Personalised not Cookie Cutter

No cookie cutters here! You'll get personalised coaching to choose the best strategies for YOUR own situation, and support to achieve your goals. 


Connection & Camaraderie

When you join, you’ll love being part of an intimate, female-only coaching group where you’ll be inspired, motivated and supported to take action by people who really understand what you're going through.


Action-based Coaching

This is NOT about hours and hours of online learning, it's about action-based coaching - both group coaching and private coaching to help you gain more momentum. 


In just an hour a week, you’ll get the support you need to make a huge shift in your business, so that you go from a soloist who’s working too much, to a smart-working CEO whose business supports their life.

Jess helped me develop my online strategy, streamline my offers and prioritize so I could reach my goals. 

I now have a clear vision and understand how to grow my business to achieve the outcome I want.

Jessica is very proactive, she gives excellent customer service and is always there to help and make you improve! Love working with her, I truly recommend her, she is my marketing rock.

Kay Rayee

I pivoted from products to service-based and launched my first course!

I love being a member of The Momentum Club as it's like having a group of biz buddies that I can always bounce ideas around with -  which is pretty special for a work at home mum like me!

Since joining I have been supported through exciting changes to my business such as running my first challenge, starting and building my first FB group, totally pivoting my business and selling my first online course! 

Chloe Miller

Let’s break it down: What’s actually inside?


You’ll be coached through 3 phases to take your business to the next level: Streamline > Systemise > Scale.


My Simple Scale Method Framework is based on 4 strategic pillars where we optimise your business to create maximum leverage for growth



Business Alignment 

Learn the secret to increasing customer lifetime value through an aligned business model, with scale built in; so that you earn more per customer while decreasing marketing costs. 


Services & Products

Create leveraged services and price for profit to maximise earnings for your time spent. Choose your preferred revenue streams (digital products, 1:1 services and group programs) and design simple marketing systems to attract clients with minimal effort. 


Team Design

Discover the easiest way to make more time for revenue generation through optimising your team structure and workload distribution.


Automation & Systems 

The single most important strategy for a lean growth business! Create automated systems with simple technology that reduce your time spent while improving your customer experience and brand reputation. 

You, me and only 9 others! 

This is NOT a group program with hundreds of others, where you feel invisible.

This is you, me, and about 9 other women going through a strategic adjustment to reach the next level.

So that's why I ask you to apply - it's very important to me that you're the right fit!


Who is TMC for?

Let’s be very clear - The Momentum Club is NOT for everyone!

It’s been designed specifically for you if you’re saying YES to these: 

  • You’re a consultant, coach or creative - offering services
  • You’re working with great clients already and you know there’s heaps of potential to grow, but you’re working more hours than you really want to already.
  • You’ve got ideas, but you’re not sure how to go about it.
  • You’ve realised that to reach the next level, you need a next level strategy. 
  • You’re committed to this business and to yourself as a business owner (no going back to a job for you!).
  • You’re open to new perspectives, willing to be coached and challenged.
  • You’re prepared to invest in yourself and commit to implementing what you learn - so you start seeing results within the first month. 
  • You value the collective energy, experience and support of the group, and you give as well as receive.
  • And maybe, you enjoy a wine on a Friday! (Not essential though).

And TMC is NOT for you if...

  • You’re in a product-based business - retail, ecommerce or MLM. 
  • Your business is a side-hustle or hobby and just a little way to earn some money. (Only committed business people here please!)
  • You’re looking for magic pill overnight solutions that don’t require you to do much.
  • You want aggressive bro-marketer methods where you throw money at ads and look for results through complicated funnel hacking tricks. 
  • You ‘know it all’ already and just want a template to implement some new tactics so you save time on the strategy development. 
  • You’re not committed to spending an hour a week on your business. 

Imagine...if this is was you! 

From part-time dental assistant bored of her job, to founder of 2 online businesses in just 2 years and NOW an online membership!

Quitting my job was a major milestone! Jess helped me launch my membership and I was so excited to get 20 members on my first round!


From stressed corporate manager missing time with her son to co-founder of a global community to inspire women leaders + management consultant! 

Starting from scratch in just one month I secured my first significant management training contract. And now my business has grown to a new level!


So, by now you’ve seen what TMC is all about, and you’ve read about success others have had, and you’re clear about what’s possible for you. 

Maybe you’re thinking that a year is a long time. Is it really? 

I expect to see you hitting your first milestone in the first 90 days. 

What you’re really investing in is coaching support for a whole year. You could double your revenue once, or many times - it really depends on how much you go all-in! 

Would it be easier to pay someone else to do this for you?  

It might seem easier on the surface, but do they really know your business like you do? They'll need a lot of involvement and input from you - so it's not actually a time-saving option, and far more expensive!

If you asked me to create your scalable business strategy, my consulting rate is $7,000 per week

I've got 20 years of professional marketing experience for service-based businesses, plus 10 years as an online entrepreneur behind me - that's the value you get when you work with me.

Maybe you’re thinking about other coaching options - you could get this same strategic coaching with me in a one to one setting, and pay $20,000 for the year. 

But instead, when you join me and a small group of others in The Momentum Club, you’re getting this incredible amount of support over an entire year, for just 5 payments of $1,750 (AUD).

Ok! Let's talk about your investment options

Join TMC for only

5 x $1,750 AUD

What's included?

  • Kick off live growth strategy workshop
  • Simple Scale Method (core content) via online portal with mobile app
  • 2 hot seat coaching calls per month with me to bust through your challenges and keep you moving forward
  • 1:1 strategy check-in call with me each 90 days
  • Monthly LIVE expert masterclass by Guest coaches
  • Daily mentoring, brainstorming & community support in our private members-only Facebook group
  • Access to support from our fabulous Guest Experts who are specialists in their chosen niche
  • Library of previous masterclasses, worksheets and tutorials so you can grab what you need on any topic when you need it.
  • 4 emergency SOS private coaching calls to help you when you need it most.

VIP Level (3 Spots Only)

$11,250 AUD

What's included?

  • Kick off live growth strategy workshop
  • Simple Scale Method (core content) via online portal with mobile app
  • 2 hot seat coaching calls per month with me to bust through your challenges and keep you moving forward
  • 1:1 strategy check-in call with me each 90 days
  • Monthly LIVE expert masterclass by Guest coaches
  • Daily mentoring, brainstorming & community support in our private members-only Facebook group
  • Access to support from our fabulous Guest Experts who are specialists in their chosen niche
  • Library of previous masterclasses, worksheets and tutorials so you can grab what you need on any topic when you need it.
  • 4 emergency SOS private coaching calls to help you when you need it most.
  • Monthly private 1:1 session
  • Unlimited email and messenger support

How about I make it risk free?

Enjoy a 30 day cooling off period. If you join, and it’s not for you, cancel within 30 days. 

Did someone say BONUS? Oh yeah..! 

Bonus 1: Lifetime access to Business JAM program

(Worth $1,197)

This is the foundational marketing strategy every business needs to attract the right clients consistently, and so many of my clients have achieved awesome results. You’re getting a lifetime resource for refining your niche and target customer, improving your messaging and learning the marketing tactics that make up your marketing plan. 

Bonus 2: Ultimate Masterclass Bundle

(Worth $297)

The ultimate masterclass bundle to start attracting leads into your email list. Ideal Customer, Messaging and Irresistible Lead Magnet. 

Bonus 3: Ticket to annual retreat (minus accom & travel)

(Worth $1,400)

You'll be joining me for an in-person (and virtual) 2 day business retreat, in Q2 2022 where we'll do a strategy workshop for your year ahead, mastermind solutions to achieve your vision and set you up for success!

You're getting a total bonus value of $2,894!

I launched a new service and signed a client that same week!

Jessica has helped me to streamline what I offer. Before working with her, I had all the ideas but not the knowledge on how to execute them correctly.

She has guided me to expand my business and really listens, understands and has the know-how to help me achieve my business goals.

The training I have received has been so helpful and changed the way I market my business!

Juliana Multari

Hiring a VA has been a huge milestone for me!


Before I started working Jess I had a lot of moving parts in my business.

She has since helped me get more clearer and more intentional on who I want to work with and now have consistent leads coming in.

I feel like I have more direction, my business is humming along nicely and have some big goals coming up.  I've also recently hired a VA!

Rhiannon McDonald

As if that wasn't enough, now meet our Guest Experts! 

These brilliant women are specialists in their field, and you get access to them inside The Momentum Club for specific support in their area of expertise and they run our monthly training sessions! 

Tamsin Starke

Email Marketing Expert

Tamsin Starke is the founder of The Email Marketing Mum, specialising in email marketing for small businesses.

She supports business owners with their email strategy – whether they’re just starting out or have been in business for a while. Email marketing is Tamsin's favourite marketing channel because it’s relatively cheap to run and has the highest Return On Investment (ROI) of all online marketing channels. What’s not to love about that! Before she started The Email Marketing Mum, Tamsin worked in not-for-profits for more than 10 years in both Australia and South Africa, so she knows how to market on a tight budget and make every dollar count.


Kaity Griffin

Google Ads Expert

Kaity is the founder of Sunday Digital, focused on empowering and training small businesses to grow using a profit focused Google Ads strategy.

Kaity has been working in the online world for over 10 years, and successfully ran her own e-commerce business before deciding to specialise in Google Ads. After years of working agency side with clients like Showpo, Swimwear Galore and Brian Tracy, Kaity branched out and launched Sunday Digital.

Her goal is to teach entrepreneurs a B.S. free way to use Google Ads and how to get results on a small budget, without needing to hire someone to do it for them. Kaity has a few popular online programs teaching the secrets to successful Google Ads!

Belinda Owen

Website Design Expert

Belinda is the founder of Belinda Owen Web Solutions, dedicated to taking the scary out of websites and business in general!

Belinda started in online business with an eCommerce store. After building and designing her business from scratch, she quickly realised a passion for designing and teaching website solutions, specifically WordPress design for other women with online services businesses.

Belinda has designed many websites over the years and has a strong focus on user experience to improve conversions. She provides WordPress training for business owners under her Navigating WP brand.

Melanie Gould

Mindset Expert

Melanie is a coach and founder of Human Nurture Network - bringing together a community of amazing women dedicated to building their mindset, designing authentic lives and making the world a better place through giving back.

Melanie has combined a degree in psychology with studies in applied neuroscience and life coaching to offer an evidence based coaching practice with a strong grounding in positive psychology. Melanie has been in business in the wine industry since 2011 and loves to support other women in business with mindset and life balance tools to avoid overwhelm and achieve their dreams.

Tracey Mylecharane

Legal Expert

Tracey is founder of TM Solicitor - where she provides legal services and advisory to entrepreneurs.
Her law practice is centered around doing law differently.  She has more than 17 years experience in law and aims to enrich the lives of other small business owners, by educating and empowering them to build solid foundations for success in their business, no matter what stage they’re at.

In business, Tracey believes that prevention is better than cure.  She helps small business owners identify potential pit-falls and develop strategies to move them forward with confidence, and real peace of mind.


Emma Edwards

Copywriter and Communications Strategist

Emma is the founder of Words for Purpose - a copywriting and communications consultancy for purpose-driven people and organisations. 

She helps small businesses and charities build a deeper connection with their customers and supporters, to drive action and draw in revenue. Originally a journalist in Northern Ireland, she spent a decade in media and communications management before establishing her consulting business in 2017.

Now based in Queensland, Emma specialises in brand voice consulting, storytelling and copywriting for websites, blogs, emails and everything in between!

Tamara Meindertsma

SEO and Facebook Ads Expert

Tamara is a digital marketing specialist, educator and mentor. With expertise across across Search Engine Marketing (search ads), SEO and Paid Social, she works with businesses to help grow their audience and acquire new customers.

Over the past 10 years, she's worked with brands like THE ICONIC, Airtasker, Tell Me Baby, Thr1ve and SurfStitch. She's achieved key industry milestones, like launching the first dynamic remarketing campaign in Australia.

Tamara has seen the PPC and SEO space transform, from black-hat backlinks to data-fuelled intelligent PPC strategies. She's been in the trenches and done the grunt work (to say the least), and now she's taken the leap to work for herself, providing her clients with the benefit of her extensive PPC and SEO experience.

Bec Hughes

Brand Strategist and Creator

Bec is a brand strategist, creator and mentor. She works with ambitious founders who are ready to scale and grow, giving them the thinking, creativity and guidance to create a brand that moves the dial in their business.

Having worked in creative agencies, both as a graphic designer and brand strategist, and for the past 8 years in her own creative consultancy, Bec has a unique combination of skills spanning strategy, design and project management.

Bec creates brands that enable founders to find their voice and own their space with confidence and determination. She provides the strategic thinking to define a business’s unique value and create messaging that is compelling and crystal clear. She then crafts a visual style that brings everything together in one cohesive brand that is unmistakable and magnetic. All delivered in one seamless, supportive process without the overwhelm and creative indecision.

Apply now and let's make this your best year yet!

When you apply, I'll check that you're the right fit for this program, then you'll get an acceptance email with an invite to join, and a link to book a call with me if you've got more questions you'd like answered.

I want to make sure this is absolutely the right program for you, because we're going to work closely together to achieve some BIG results!


Ok, now you’ve got a choice to make. Either you join, or you don’t! The ball is entirely in your court… 

You might be concerned about your time - can you fit this in and get the value from it when you’re already so busy? 

The very fact that you’re asking that question, means that you need this more than anything! 

Imagine how much better your business will feel when it’s delivering the revenue you want, and you’ve got time to spend on yourself and chilling with your family? 

I wish I had been less stubborn when I started, and invested in the coaching I needed instead of thinking I could figure it out myself. It’s so annoying when you look back and know it would be so much faster if you’d just decided to get the support sooner!

What will happen if you don’t do this now?

Maybe see another year go by and still be in the same place? Can you even continue as you are for that long without burning out?

Now’s your opportunity to take that step, join a small intimate group and get very personalised support to reach your goals. 

The Momentum Club is open now, for the group of 2021 to join. There’s only 10 spots and the first ones are already taken! 

Apply today (so I can check you’re the right fit) and you’ll be notified within 5 days whether you’ve been accepted.


Still got questions? Here’s some of the most common ones:

Want to know something else? I’m  ready to answer any question you may have! Drop into my DMs on Facebook or Instagram and let's chat!