Ultimate Customer Avatar Worksheet

(Yes, this really is the ultimate because it's all about what they actually think, so you can market to them better.)

✔ Template that you can easily edit and use again.

✔ Detailed worksheet with 35 questions to dig deep into your ideal customer persona and learn what makes them buy!

✔ Visualise who you’re speaking to whenever you’re creating content, services or messaging for your business.


"Attract your ideal customer with targeted marketing using your customer avatar."

Use my proven customer avatar worksheet to learn what you need to know to effectively market your business to the right people.

"If you're marketing to everybody, you're selling to nobody."

When you drill down into who your ideal customer is and really narrow your focus, amazing things happen.

Suddenly you’re writing messaging that connects, makes your audience feel like you really understand their problems, and can solve them.

Your ideal customer is your sweet spot – the ones you should be spending your time and efforts chasing because they benefit greatly from your services and are happy to pay for the value you're giving them.

So, you need to create a detailed persona of your ideal customer and really get inside their head.

That’s where my proven worksheet can help.

"Attract your ideal customer with targeted marketing using your customer avatar."


To really understand your ideal customer, you need to get inside their heads.

Follow my guided template and deep dive into WHO your ideal customer really is, with 35 questions across these 5 categories:



- cover the basics about who this person is


- learn how to engage with them on their level


- how to get inside their head, learn their deepest desires and darkest pain points


- work out where they are in their buying journey so you can push them along


- how to make it smooth sailing – this is all about providing the right experience.