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5 Keys To Premium Paying Clients...

... attract a consistent stream of ideal clients without cold DMs, expensive ads or wasting your day on social media!


With JESSICA OSBORN, Marketing Strategist 25+ years 

The Magnetic Formula - Free live training by Jessica Osborn

If you're not easily attracting committed, high-value clients and you're: 

> tired of spending so much time searching for clients online,

> done with relying on those inconsistent referrals that leave you winging it month to month,

> keen to avoid spammy sales tactics like cold outreach,

> and sick of wasting money on ads that don't work....

Then, this class is designed specifically for you!

Spend just over an hour with me, and by the end you’ll know:

> The main reasons why most online experts struggle to attract clients and how to avoid the time-consuming "spray and pray" methods that suck all your energy and resources dry.

> What you need to have in your strategy so you magnetically attract the right clients, resulting in a consistent stream of your dream prospects saying YES to your valuable offers.

> How you can do less marketing, less selling and increase your profit so you have more free time to spend with your favourite people (or perhaps having some quality me-time!)

the Magentic Formula free training with Jessica Osborn

Just think how much easier life will be when the right clients find YOU?

Breathe.... you don't need to learn the trending dance on Tik Tok, or spend months getting yet another qualification.

All you really need are the 5 key ingredients in your strategy present and functioning properly. 

#lessworkmorelife is my favourite motto!

These founders were also experiencing trouble attracting the right clients before our training

Hi! I’m Jessica. 

I’m 2x entrepreneur, podcast host, author, mother of 2 and travel-obsessed freedom seeker!

After spending 20 years working for others, leading marketing teams and growing brands around the globe, I wanted more time to enjoy life and be there for my kids.

When I started my first biz back in 2010, I made plenty of mistakes, saying YES to clients who were NOT the best fit! Then I discovered how to magnetically attract the right ones - committed, high value and awesome to work with. 

Profits grew and I stopped wasting time on "hot-air" marketing tactics that get you nowhere fast.

And this is why I’m here. Helping you exceed 6 figure years in 20 hours a week or less is my JAM and I'm sharing the 5 Keys with YOU in The Magnetic Formula training!

And the best part - it's absolutely FREE!

Jessica Osborn, female business coach for service-based businesses

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