Discover how to consistently book 
high-quality clients and never rely on referrals again!

Are you ready to stand out in your niche as the obvious choice for your perfect clientswithout spending hours on social media, and finally achieve the profitable, easy business on your vision board?



Here’s to the LAST marketing strategy program you’ll ever need!


If you’re like the majority of professional women running a service business online, you’re probably undercharging because you feel like you need to price lower than competitors to win the business. 

And you might feel like you need to customise your services to suit what each client wants, but this leaves you working so many extra unpaid hours… and it’s incredibly exhausting! 

Are you also finding it hard to specify your ideal customer? You feel like you could help anyone - right? 

But that leaves you stuck trying to figure out exactly where and how to market your business.

Maybe you’re sick of spending so much time (and money!) on social media and still not attracting the right clients. 

And, you probably worry that most of your business comes from referrals … because what IF they suddenly dry up? 

 Time to change this - now!

Ready to make everything feel so much easier?

You don’t have to settle for just any client. You’ll never compete on price (or rely on referrals) again.

In Business JAM we ditch the slow growth for a sweeter spread.


Switch from trying to please everyone, to choosing your most profitable market where you can stand out as a specialist to attract the best clients.

Stop pricing based on your competitors’ rates, and instead build packages that see you commanding top rates for the quality work you do - and finally reach those revenue targets!

Create a simple system for your marketing that brings you those ‘ah-maz-ing’ clients, without selling your soul to Mr Zuckerberg, and have enough pipeline to keep your schedule as full as you wish. 


Which of these results inspire you the most?

"I signed my first 4-figure client!"

Business JAM is just what I need for this part of my business journey.

I am now clearer on who I want to serve in my business, how I want to deliver my services and how I want to make it work around my family commitments.

One of the best things I learned was not to base my price on my competitors, but to focus on my own value and what I could bring. It’s been a game-changer!

Georgina Chai - Founder, Flourish Career and VA Services

"EVERYTHING has changed since I did Business JAM."

"Business JAM has been a game changer. It’s given me the confidence and clarity to simplify my offer so I can reduce non-billable time and eliminate overwhelm.

It’s easily the best business decision I’ve ever made – and the best investment.

Miranda Packer - Wordbird Copywriter

Introducing Business JAM!

It’s not a new spread, it’s Just Authentic Marketing! Which means, get your strategy right and the rest will flow.

Business JAM is the ONLY strategic marketing program that not only shows you how to nail your niche and leverage your unique value so that you can stop competing on price..

But also how to easily attract a consistent stream of the right clients – without slaving away on social media or relying on referrals.

What exactly is Business JAM? Let’s take a closer look….

1. The Strategic Method


Go from a generalist overlooked in the crowd, to a specialist that stands out, attracting the best clients into your list and charging your top rates – because you’re confident in your value and so are they!

Step by step you’ll work through the 7 strategies in my JAM Plan framework which shows you how to clearly align your niche with your ideal customer and build a service structure that generates profit. Then you’ll develop a clear marketing and sales system to bring those clients in with ease.

2. Strategy In Your Pocket


Who has time for long boring trainings that leave you with a pile of notes but no progress made? You won’t find that in Business JAM!

The content in this program is split up into bite-sized videos, each with an action for you to take. So you’ll start making progress right from Day 1.

Access this program on your laptop or via the handy mobile app, so you can listen while on your morning walk, or waiting for your coffee!

3. Personalised Support


Have you ever bought a course or program where you’re one of thousands and there’s no personalised support? Leaving you feeling lost and unsure if you’ve really nailed it?

In Business JAM you get access to ME on a daily basis. Got a question? I’ll answer it. Need feedback? Sure thing.

Plus, join me for live hot seat coaching sessions! Your success is my success, I’m here to help you finish.

4. Your Cheer Squad


It’s lonely being at the helm of your own business. Partners and mates rarely understand fully what you’re going through. 

Your team and your audience aren’t the right people to share with either. Your dog might pretend to be interested, but really – they can’t offer much advice! 

However, when you join Business JAM, you join for life, and become part of a close-knit, tight circle of women who’re walking alongside you, cheering you on every step of the way.


Is Business JAM right for me?

Great question! If you’re saying Yes to these, click that enrol button:


You’re a professional who provides done-for-you services, coaching or consulting under your own business brand.


You’re ready to follow the step by step method to create your own killer marketing strategy, and you’re the type of person who takes action (not just thinks about it!).


You want a consistent stream of high-paying clients, drawn by the value you provide.


You want simply marketing and sales systems that work to attract, nurture and convert those clients so you’re able to relax, knowing exactly where your next clients are coming from.


You’re committed to prioritising 2 hours a week to work ON your business because you know that results come from action.



It’s NOT for you, if:

✘  You’re not open to considering a new perspective, or making changes to what you’ve been doing.

✘ You’re a note-taker, not an action-taker, learning is fine but you need to implement to make progress!

✘ You’ve got a bricks and mortar, retail, or FMCG type product business. 

✘ You’re in any type of MLM business. 

✘ You’re the sort of person who wants a magic pill solution without doing any work.


Miranda finally nailed her niche and went from a freelance copywriter picking up odd jobs to a fully booked awards and testimonials writer commanding top rates. 

She increased her revenue by 170% within 2 months of completing Business JAM.

Let’s break down exactly what you’re getting inside Business JAM...


Activating Your Growth Strategy


We’re not in business just to fill the hours in our day, are we? No doubt you’ve got a clear idea of your ideal lifestyle, so this module is all about ensuring your business is structured to deliver it! This is essential groundwork so we know what we’re aiming for with the rest of the strategy.

How to Position Yourself in the Market to Attract the Right People


You’ll get clear on the two key parts of your niche and figure out what your unique value is, so we can leverage it in your brand messaging to stand out in the market. Defining your brand strategy will ensure you’re consistent in how you connect to your audience and draw in your ideal customers.

Pricing Your Offers for Profit


You’re going to learn the psychology of pricing, how to avoid using hourly rate pricing and create a value based approach instead. Come out of this with a profitable service model and services your clients can’t wait to buy!

Design Your Magnetic Marketing System

Now you know who you’re targeting and what you’re selling them, you’ll map out your marketing strategy that creates exposure so you attract strangers into your audience and take them on a journey to get to know you. 

Discover the Simple Sales System


This module is all about converting your audience into customers. Learn how to attract leads into your business, nurturing them and make your offers so they can buy from you.

Gain Your Time Back & Wow Your Clients


If your business isn’t automated, you’re spending too much time on unpaid work. So this is all about reducing your admin time while improving the customer experience for your clients. We’ll also talk about offboarding, creating a loop to keep those loyal advocates coming back.

Lifetime Access

Live Support

Live Support

Hi, I’m Jessica!

 I’m a business coach, mum to 2 little ones, travel-obsessed and partial to wine, coffee and chocolate!

I spent 20 years building a successful career in marketing. As a leader responsible for building businesses and brands for multi-billion dollar companies, I learnt through a lot of experience what works and what doesn’t. 

However, starting in this business I didn’t understand how to create value-based packages at first. I made allll the mistakes! Pricing by the hour, pricing based on my competitors, using low prices to win clients.

Oh, how much time I wasted! But then I learnt what worked, how to be really strategic about my services and generate more profit for my time.

Everything became SO much easier! I attracted the right clients… and by coaching them on my framework I was able to help them achieve really outstanding results in such a short time.

My own business growth took off, and so did theirs!

I’m a big believer in keeping it simple, focussing on building a foundation to scale from, using technology to automate processes and marketing systems that leave you more time for all the more important things in life.

Business JAM is not a fad, or a bro-marketer method. It’s my simple, pure growth strategy framework to create a lean, profitable, customer-centric business that thrives, and keeps you reaching for the next level!

Your success is my success – let’s get started!

Jessica xxx

Start Attracting The Best Clients

Choose your investment option below to begin! 

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PLUS, you’ll get these additional bonuses! 

Less Work, More Life Bonus Bundle

Website Conversion Masterclass

Value: $297


Learn the secrets to a high converting website, with messaging, layout, user journeys and design elements you can use to improve your online conversions.

Becoming Part of Your Brand Masterclass

Value: $397


Learn how to take your brand beyond the logo, build trust and connection by including the most unique element of your business - YOU!

Business Automation Masterclass

Value: $297


Learn about how I automate so much of my business but still deliver a personalised experience. Come behind the scenes on sales, marketing and business automation!

Total Bonus Value: $694

Still not sure? I get it – you want to make sure you’ve invested in something that will actually help you grow your business. I am completely confident in my method.


So, here’s the deal.

You’ve got 365 days from when you enrol to go through the program and do the work. If you haven’t been able to increase your revenue, simply show me the work you’ve done to implement the strategy you’ve learned into your business, and I’ll refund you 100%. Guaranteed.

Yes, it really works!


“Business JAM is the best investment I made in 2020!”


Before joining Business JAM I felt I was going in circles, not making any significant progress. I knew my customer but Jessica helped me create a saleable offer for them by thinking of a framework and understanding the “customer journey” concept.

I made back my investment within 2 months and with only 4 people following my Facebook page! Best, best best!

Claudia Harley, Founder – Bookkeeping for Wealth


“I needed to get out of the weeds of ‘doing’ in my business and start thinking more strategically.”


A big highlight for me was the coaching group. Being new to entrepreneurship I really struggled with the solo element after years in corporate teams.

It was amazing to connect with an incredible group of supportive and inspiring women every week who shared, listened, empathised and cheered for one other.

Tanya Siggins, Founder – Zest Boutique Coaching & Consulting


“I have clarity around pricing and processes to keep my business growth on track”


Marketing was something I really wanted to focus on in 2020, and Jess has put together an AMAZING course full of information, in logical steps to ensure it’s bite-sized and actionable, week by week…

As a result of Business JAM, I have been able to develop my business growth plan, refine my ideal customer and refine my messaging to attract my ideal customer – and it’s working!

Jo-Anne Clifford, Founder – Wild Fox Creative

Got Questions? I’ve got answers!

Still on the fence?

Hop over to Insta and send me a DM! I want to know what’s on your mind. If you’re not the right fit, I’ll tell you straight up.