Hello! I’m Jessica

25+ years marketing & business strategy. 2 online businesses, podcast host, author & travel obsessed mum of 2!

I help you attract premium clients with simple high-value offers...

So you can have multi-6 figure years in under 20 hours a week, letting you enjoy more family time, free time and ME time!

>> Let me show you how!

The Magnetic Formula Free Training: 5 Keys To Clients On Tap


5 Keys To Premium Paying Clients!

...so you're attracting the right clients without cold selling, expensive ads or hectic social media schedules!


Jessica Osborn, business coach for service-based businesses

Let's be real for a moment...

Are you getting frustrated by…

  • Attracting timewasters, penny-pinchers, high-maintenance complainers?
  • Relying too much on referrals and fearing what will happen when they stop coming?
  • Feeling uncertain about¬†who you really should be targeting and suspecting you've¬†chosen¬†a hyper-competitive¬†market?
  • Not reaching your revenue goals even though you‚Äôre working¬†all¬†the time?

You're not alone. In fact, so many others are feeling this every day, wondering when their business is finally going to take off. 

Well, you don't have to wonder anymore - you've come to the right place!



We'll Design Your Business To Give You More Freedom, Flexibility & Fulfilment

Whether you're 1 year or 20 years into your business journey, you can kickstart a new phase of growth when you focus on these 3 outcomes:

Premium Clients

Nailing your niche, brand and messaging means you’ll stand out from the crowd with credibility and authority - so you're getting booked by committed, high value clients you LOVE to serve.

High-Ticket Strategy

Focusing your strategy on high ticket offerings means you can earn more per client & reduce time spent marketing so you can achieve your biggest income goals within part-time hours!

Smart Systems

With a simple sales system and marketing activities designed to bring in a flow of leads and clients, you’ll have more time for living, while your business reaches new levels of growth and impact!

Hi, it's lovely to meet you!

I'm a degree-qualified marketer and mum of two, passionate about travel and leading an active life!

Over the last 25ish years in marketing and business I've become obsessed with making strategy more simple and effective, with some brands becoming multi-billion dollar businesses!

Since 2010 I've created two thriving online businesses myself, learning how to work less and grow profits so I could enjoy the best life with my family.

Now I bring that experience to help you get consistently booked by premium clients - without hustle marketing or pushy sales.

So… if you’re ready to attract your dream clients and scale your income without the burnout, you’re in the right place!

Your success is my success ‚Äď let‚Äôs get started!

Jessica Osborn, founder, podcast host, marketing coach

You may have seen me in...

How can I help you?

Business Review Session

Like to get some fresh eyes on your business, identify what you need to focus on to reach your goals, get clear on next steps  ...and stop that endless mind chatter holding you back? That's what we can do together in this powerful business review session! 


Group Coaching

My popular online program 'Business JAM' is designed for coaches and service-professionals who want to get their strategy aligned to be magnetically attracting premium clients to high-ticket services without cold selling, expensive ads or complex campaigns.


1:1 Business Coaching

Get focused help with your business strategy, marketing plans and online presence to create a thriving, streamlined business. With private coaching you’ll have me in your corner, helping you create bigger results much faster than you can imagine!

Business JAM - marketing program for service based businesses

Attract committed, premium-paying clients every month - without cold selling, expensive ads or chasing social media trends!

Business JAM

Get off the marketing treadmill and be a respected authority who magnetically attracts the sort of clients that actually excite you!

In Business JAM you get the proven framework for 6-figure years in part-time hours - giving you the business-life balance you've always dreamed of.


Which of these inspires you most?...

"I was averaging $10-15k months and now I'm making $25k minimum months!"

Previously, I was charging as if everyone was a best friend and not an actual client for a business.

Now I'm clear on who I can provide my best value to and I've changed the way I offer my services. Which means my average per-client revenue has increased by 462%!

I'm now jam-packed to the rafters (in a great way!) at a price point that clients respect more and resultantly, I do too! It's waaaaaayyyy more scalable and I've got a pipeline of really well suited folks!

Investing in your program, above all else - was a step into accountability, a step into playing bigger!

Louise Spinks
Career Strategist and Leadership Coach

"I now know¬†how to position myself¬†so I‚Äôm¬†attracting DREAM clients‚ÄĚ

Before Business JAM, everything in my business felt hard. After not gaining any traction online I decided to get some support, and I’m so glad I did! Defining my niche was a Game Changer.

Designing a focused marketing strategy, so I didn’t have to burn myself out on social media, took my business to the next level.

Having an aligned strategy has saved me so much time and energy, and I now know how to position myself so I’m attracting DREAM clients. With Business JAM, it gets to be that easy!

Zia Nix
Holistic Wellness & Embodiment Coach

"Business JAM is the best investment I made!"

I had felt like I was going in circles for months, not making any significant progress.

Jessica helped me create a saleable offer for my ideal customers by creating a framework and understanding the ‚Äúcustomer journey‚ÄĚ concept.

And I stopped wasting time on things that didn't work for MY business! Gaining back that precious time - which is everything when you have a young son!

I made back my investment in Business JAM within 2 months, making my business instantly profitable! 

Claudia Harley, Founder ‚Äď Bookkeeping for Wealth

"My business has exploded this year! Within 3 months I already made my entire year's target revenue!"

Before joining Business JAM I was completely stuck with how to market my business and terrified of niching. Jess guided me to bring both sides of my business into an aligned model with one main focus for marketing.

Within 3 months I grew revenue over 300% working just 10 hours a week - which meant I already hit my full year's revenue target with 9 months still to go! 

Alexandra Lopez, Founder ‚ÄstAlexandra Lopez Studios

"The next proposal I sent out generated 300% increase in profit."

I felt at ease with Jess right from the start. She took the time to understand my business and issues and challenged me to better define my own target audience and offer.

Jess gave me ‚Äėpermission‚Äô to increase my pricing, as she reassured me of the value of my offer and what I had to potentially gain.¬† I updated my packages and with the next proposal instantly increased profit by over 300%!

Melissa Packham, Founder & Brand Strategist

"I'm on track to quadruple my income compared to last year!"

I have double as many active clients now as I did before I worked with you (and a steady stream of leads!).

I knew something was missing because I wasn‚Äôt getting the traction I wanted on my own. I didn‚Äôt realize just how lost I was until I enrolled with Jessica and Business JAM! Since then, my copywriting business has gone from boring to soaring! ūüėć

She has helped me finally define my niche (a task that I thought was impossible)! This was such a pivotal piece to my business, and literally changed everything (for the better!). Now that my niche is defined, everything I do actually gets results instead of making me feel like I’m spinning my wheels.

Molly Frank - Founder of Frankly Fabulous Copy


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