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Making money decisions from a place of fear and guilt rather than confidence and strategy so that you're continually frustrated by 'playing small' and can't figure out how to flip the switch?

Pricing: is it the thing you know should be simple yet you spend hours and hours fiddling around with calculators, trying to pitch it just right?

What is "just right" anyway?

Are you tired of pouring your energy into marketing tactics that just don’t seem to create the results you're expecting?

You're not the only one! If I could pinpoint the number one frustration every business owner experience - this would be it!

Are you tired of pouring your energy into marketing tactics that just don’t seem to create the results you're expecting?

You're not the only one! If I could pinpoint the number one frustration every business owner experience - this would be it!

Feeling the burden of non-stop hustle?

We've all been there‚ÄĒcaught in the to-dos, trying to keep the burnout at bay while chasing success the way we've been told you have to - working longer and harder than anyone else.

Well, what if you DON'T have to do it that way?

Ever caught yourself wondering why, after all your hard work, your coaching offerings aren't giving you the blissful entrepreneur lifestyle you imagined?

The truth is, creating an offer that sells might get you started, but it's the home run offer that has you rounding the bases to real success.

Full Episode List

Episode 193 - Overcoming Fears & Scarcity Thinking Around Money To Help Your Business Thrive - with Kyra Yang
Episode 192 - 
The Real Reason Why You're Struggling To Price Your Offers
Episode 191 - 
From High-Stress Corporate Life To Thriving As An Introverted Entrepreneur - With Dana Karen Ciccone
Episode 190 - 
How To Identify The Most Effective Marketing Strategies So You Stop Wasting Time On Fancy Fluff
Episode 189 -
How To Navigate A Career Transition To Find Purpose, Balance and Success - With Julie Zaruba Fountaine
Episode 188 - 3 Steps To Create A Home-Run Offer That Makes It Easy To Sign Clients
Episode 187 - 
How Changing Her Subconscious Programming Enabled Huge Growth In Impact And Income - With Dr Alex Golden
Episode 186 - 
2 Ways To Create More Freedom & Flexibility Through Your Business Strategy
Episode 185 - 
The Numbers Game: Creating Wealth In Your Business - With Regan Bashara
Episode 184 - 
Switch Into The Energy Of Abundance: How To Compete Without Competing
Episode 183 - 
Why Today’s Entrepreneurs Are Using Hypnotherapy To Be Unstoppable in Business - With Amanda Cole 
Episode 182 - 
3 Types Of Stories To Use In Your Marketing For Deeper Connection
Episode 181 - 
The Power Of Podcasting For Business Growth and Time Freedom - With Rosemarie Callender
Episode 180 - 
How to Earn More & Work Less With Simple High Ticket Offers
Episode 179 - 
How To Leverage Podcast Interviews To Get More Clients - With Sales Maven Nikki Rausch 
Episode 178 - 
The Best Way to 'Restart' After A Break
Episode 177 - 
The Critical Business Tools That Save You Time and Grow Your Client Relationships - With Allysha Hickling
Episode 176 - 
The Interesting Link Between Client "Quality" and Conversion Rate
Episode 175 -
How Having 3 Kids In Her 40s Was The Catalyst For Her Business Success - With Elizabeth King
Episode 174 - 
How To Play Bigger In 2024: 3 Things To Leave Behind If You Want To Reach Your Next Level
Episode 173 - 
The Strategy, Mindset and Energy Of Creating Consistent Cash - With Bec Cuzzillo
Episode 172 - 
What Caused Their Transformational Growth? Stories From 4 Female Founders
Episode 171 -
Predictions Of Trends Affecting Online Coaching Businesses in 2024
Episode 170 - 
How To Intersect Energy and Strategy For Sustainability In Business - with Jenna Faye Madden
Episode 169 - 
The Real Meaning Of Your Purpose And Why It's Even More Important In Our AI-Driven World
Episode 168 - 
How To Get Started Writing A Book That Helps Grow Your Business - With Sue Kennedy
Episode 167 - How To Find Your Niche If You're Multi-Passionate
Episode 166 - 
How To Access An Abundance Of Content Ideas And Inspiration In Your Business - With Emily Aborn
Episode 165 -  
Why I Decided To Close Down A Group of 1500 Members!
Episode 164 - 
The Hidden Hormones Holding You Back: How To Rebalance For Easier, Calmer Success - With Lori Aikman
Episode 163 - 
The Secret To Creating More Prosperity, Fulfilment and Freedom In Your Business
Episode 162 - How To Make Outstanding First Impressions On Video - with Kerrie Wyatt
Episode 161 - 
3 Top Self-Sabotaging Behaviours Keeping You From Growing Your Business
Episode 160 - 
How To Cut Through The Crowd By Having Fun In Your Content - With Lisa Twohig
Episode 159 - 
The Art Of Being Magnetic So That You Can Attract More Of What You Want
Episode 158 - 
How To Structure Your Business So You Take Every School Holidays Off - With Kate Swann
Episode 157 - 
How We Can Shift From Surviving To Thriving And Find Ultimate Fulfilment in Life - With Alison Dougall
Episode 156 - 
BTS What Made It Possible To Travel For 8 Months With Kids & Grow My Business
Episode 155 - 
How To Free Yourself From The Negative Self-Talk So You Can Show Up As YOU - with Megan Gibson
Episode 154 -
 Why Marketing Has Changed & What You Need To Know Now!
Episode 153 - 
How She Created A Unique Offering That Shifted Everything In Her Business - with Zia Nix
Episode 152 - 
The 'Unusual' Type Of Consistency You Need For Astonishing Results
Episode 151 - 
Busting The Budget Myths ‚Äď Where You Should Be Spending Your Energy and Marketing Dollars - With Jenn Donovan
Episode 150 - 
The Pros And Cons of Threads, And Do You Need To Be It?
Episode 149 - 
How To Take Control Of Your People Pleasing And Embody Confidence Without Guilt - With Eloise Tomkins
Episode 148 - 
How To Get Better Quality Leads That Actually Convert
Episode 147 - 
The Transformative Impact Of Knowing Your Numbers - With Malisa Clarence
Episode 146 - 
The Real Reason Why Your Marketing Isn't Attracting Sales
Episode 145 - 
Unlock The Power of Your Brain: How to Maximize Productivity With The Way You Sleep - With Tanessa Shears
Episode 144 - 
How To Talk About Your Offer Without Being Salesy
Episode 143 - 
5 Conversion-Improving Content Pieces To Include In Your Email Welcome Sequence - With Tamsin Starke
Episode 142 - 
What Type Of Entrepreneur Are You BEING Right Now And How It's Affecting Your Business
Episode 141 - 
The Best Time-Saving Automation Tools For Solopreneurs - With Michelle Teo
Episode 140 - 
6 Things You Need To Unlearn To Be Successful In Business
Episode 139 - 
She Rules: The New Rules For Women In Business Who Want to Stop Playing Small - With Sara Roach Lewis
Episode 138 - 
How To Raise Your Prices Without Losing Your Clients
Episode 137 - 
How To Reclaim Your Time, Increase Revenue & Improve Your Customer Experience - With Chynna Benton
Episode 136 - 
3 Universal Lessons From Running An AirBNB Business
Episode 135 -
How To Strategically Use Your Network To Get Rapid Referrals Of Ideal Clients - With Cara Steinmann
Episode 134 - 
How To Run A Business While Travelling With Kids And Stay Sane!
Episode 133 - 
The Surprising Habits of Confident and Successful Business Women - With Valerie LaVigne
Episode 132 - 
The 2 Big Problems Facing Service-Based Businesses in 2023
Episode 131 -
Why High Achievers Often Struggle To Grow Their Business - With Helen Kho
Episode 130 - 
4 Things You Need to Know About Your Ideal Customer So That You Attract Buyers, Not Fans
Episode 129 - 
How To Be Confident In Sales Conversations - With Dorothy Villeneuve
Episode 128 -
What To Do When Your Market Is Over-Crowded
Episode 127 -
Why Thinking Like A Journalist Will Give You The Edge In Your Business - With Tahnee Sanders
Episode 126 -
The Gamechanging Actions That Led To Their Success - An Interview With 3 Successful Female Founders
Episode 125 -
How She Avoided A Costly Rebranding Mistake - With Emma Heuston
Episode 124 - The Word You Need To Embrace For Real Success In 2023
Episode 123 -
From Midwife To Caesarean Recovery Expert, Speaker and Author - With Leonie Rastas
Episode 122 -
Start Your Breakthrough Year With This Incredible Manifesting Exercise
Episode 121 -
How To Know If A Podcast Is Right For Your Business - With Anne Claessen
Episode 120 -
Why Your Customer Avatar Isn't Working For You (And What To Do Instead!)
Episode 119 -
4 Hacks To Better Health For Time-Poor Entrepreneurs - With Kayla Radliff
Episode 118 -
5 Counter-Intuitive Rules For Success In Online Business
Episode 117 -
Why Weaving Masculine Strategy With Feminine Quantum Energetics Leads To Easier Growth - with Eugenia Oganova
Episode 116 -
5 Hidden Ways You Could Be Holding Yourself Back From Easier Growth In Your Business
Episode 115 -
Why Using Your Human Design Enables You To Lead Your Business With More Ease - With Samantha Riley
Episode 114 - What It Takes To Be A Thought Leader In 2023
Episode 113 -
3 Secrets To Hiring The Right Person For Your Team - With Paula Maidens
Episode 112 -
How To Pitch Anything So You Get A Heck-Yes, Not A Hell-No!
Episode 111 -
How To Be More Productive So You Can Succeed In A Part-Time Business - With Steph Gobraiel
Episode 110 -
How To Price Your 1:Many Online Product So That More People Buy
Episode 109 - The 3 Key Places Your Copywriting Increases Sales - With Molly Frank
Episode 108 -
How To Turn Your 1:1 Service Into A 1:Many Online Product
Episode 107 -
4 Common Ways We Sabotage Success In Our Diets And Our Business - With Mari Harrison
Episode 106 -
What A Niche Really Is And What It Isn't!
Episode 105 -
Why You Need A Stand-Out Employer Brand (Even If You Only Hire Contractors!) - With Kelly Stone
Episode 104 -
How To Be A Magnet For High-Value Clients So You Can Say "No" To Uninspiring Work
Episode 103 - 
The 3 Types Of Stories You Need To Be Telling Your Audience - With Nick Demos
Episode 102 -
Why Cold Selling Is Damaging Your Business And What To Do Instead
Episode 101 -
How Tragically Losing Her Husband Led To A Purpose-Filled Global Business - With Karen Sutton
Episode 100 -
How To Know It's Time To Start A New Chapter In Your Business
Episode 99 -
Why Your Business Is A Reflection Of Your Health and How To Improve In 8 Simple Steps - With Amy Lang
Episode 98 -
3 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Non-Billable Time So You Can Earn More While Working Less!
Episode 97 -
How to Create Connection Through Your Brand That Sets You Apart - With Martiene Van Steyn
Episode 96 -
How To Reach The Right People To Grow Your Audience, Without Paid Ads!
Episode 95 -
Why High-Achievers Need Strong Alignment In Their Business - With Kelly Carthy
Episode 94 -
What To Do Before You Pivot Your Business
Episode 93
- How To Know If You Suffer From Fear Of Success - With Kim Kelley Thompson
Episode 92 -
The #1 Worst Question To Ask When You're Setting Your Rates
Episode 91 -
How To Shift From Entrepreneur To Mamapreneur Without Losing Your Identity - With Marliese McGee
Episode 90 -
How To Get Selected As A Guest On Podcasts
Episode 89 -
How She Overcame Cancer To Reach $500k A Year With A Highly Automated Digital Product Business - With Mim Jenkinson
Episode 88 -
Truthbomb! Your Price Isn't The Reason They Said No - Here's Why
Episode 87 -
How To Use Simplicity In Your Business So You Can Grow Faster - With Olivia Clare
Episode 86 -
5 Ways You Can Make More Money Right Now
Episode 85 -
Why Entrepreneurs Should Pay Attention To Dreams - With Louise Wilson
Episode 84 -
Putting Your 'Mean Girl' Voice In The Corner: Getting Over The Inner Critic
Episode 83 -
The Best Key Metrics To Drive Faster Growth - With Donna Dube
Episode 82 - 
How Online Courses Added $100k In One Year
Episode 81 -
Why Mentorship Is The Secret Weapon Behind Business Success - with Melissa Koehler
Episode 80 -
What Does Charge Your Worth Really Mean?
Episode 79 -
Why Your Values Are Critical To Success In Marketing - with Kristy Ansell
Episode 78 - The Big Difference Between Those Who Grow Fast And Those Who Go Slow
Episode 77
- The Simple Thing 99% Of Brands Are Missing And How You Can Grow Faster - With Alexandra Lopez
Episode 76 - Which Should You Focus On For Faster Results? Action or Alignment
Episode 75 -
Why 4 Out of 5 Businesses Fail and How To Avoid Becoming Another Statistic - With Jenn Donovan
Episode 74 -
Why You Shouldn't Look At Your Competitors When You Set Pricing
Episode 73 - How To Release Energy Blocks So Your Business Can Flow Easier - With Lindsay Jani
Episode 72 -
Sharing 7 Lessons From My Failed Launch And How To Avoid Launch Freefall
Episode 71 -
How To Break Free Of Procrastination To Achieve What You're Really Capable Of - With Dr. Christine Li
Episode 70 - 
How to Scale Your Services Business and Grow Profit Without Adding More Hours To Your Day
Episode 69 -
 How To Grow Beyond Your Audience and Get More Exposure - With Lisa Simone Richards 
Episode 68 - 3 Easy Ways To Grow Your Sales Without Marketing
Episode 67 - Rewriting Her Success Story: Coming Back After A Major Career Setback - With Kristy Wright   
Episode 66 - How You Can Sell A Premium Service Even If You're New To Business   
Episode 65 - Lesson From A Side-Hustler to Serial Entreprenuer with 3 Businesses in 2 Years- with Meagan Scott             
Episode 64 - How To Create Authority In Order To Sell Your Services Online
Episode 63 - 
How She Overcame Self Doubt To Compete Against The Internet Giants - With Sarah Bando
Episode 62 -
What's Really Holding Your Prospects Back From Buying And How To Address IT
Episode 61 - 
How She Launched A New Business And Filled Her First Program In 3 Months - With Kirsty Gibbs
Episode 60 - 
The 3 Things You Need To Include For A Well-Defined Niche
Episode 59 - 
The Way To Craft Non-Cheesy Sales Pages That Convert - With Kate Toon
Episode 58 - 
How To Create Content That Moves Your Audience Towards A Sale
Episode 57 - 
How She Leveraged Her Business Community To Go From Idea To Launch In 10 Days - With Alisa Kay
Episode 56 -
Secrets Of High Performers - How To Ride the Highs And Lows To Achieve Even More
Episode 55 -
How Your Subconscious Mind Impacts Every Decision You Make In Business - With Dr. Hayley Kelly
Episode 54
- What This Mum Did To Have A Very Profitable, Fulfilling Business Working Only 10 Hours A Week!
Episode 53 - 
Are You Holding Yourself Back From Success Without Even Realising It?
Episode 52 - 
What's Actually Inside Business JAM - A Live Walkthrough
Episode 51 - 
Master Your Marketing Part 3 - The Complete Recipe For A Thriving Business In Just 20 Hours a Week
Episode 50 -
Master Your Marketing Part 2 - How To Nail Your Service Offering To Bring In More High-Value Clients
Episode 49 - Master Your Marketing Part 1 - How to Create Authority So You're The Obvious Choice
Episode 48 -
How to Turn Your Audience Into Customers Without Cold DMs
Episode 47 -
Which Financial Metrics You Need To Know When Creating Your Growth Strategy - with Claudia Harley
Episode 46 -
Why Referrals Could Actually Be Harming Your Business (And How To Fixt It)!
Episode 45 - How Your Cycle Affects Productivity & Revenue (and How To Use It To Your Advantage) with Renae Fieck
Episode 44 - Designing Your Business To Give You Balance In Life As A Working Mom
Episode 43 - Embracing Your True Self to Kickstart Camera Confidence with Vasavi Kumar
Episode 42 -
My Predictions For Marketing Trends In 2022
Episode 41 - What Narrowing Your Niche Is The Easiest Way To Get More Clients - With Catherine Phan & Natalie Teo
Episode 40 - What To Do When Your Marketing Isn't Working
Episode 39 - Top 7 Ways to Increase Conversions om Your Website - with Desiree Robards
Episode 38 - 
How to Get Rid Of Self Judgement So You Can Succeed in 2022!
Episode 37 - The Essential Skill We Need To Develop If We Want To Be Memorable - With Hannah Michelotti
Episode 36
- How Your Side-Hustle Is Holding You Back and What To Change In 2022!
Episode 35 
- Why Culture Is Important for Your Business to Thrive - With Tanya Siggins
Episode 34 
- Will The Real Marketing Strategy Please Stand Up?
Episode 33 
- How Intuitive Eating And Your Nutrition Mindset Creates More Success In Business - With Ines Schubi
Episode 32
- A Simpler Way to Plan For Intuitive Entrepreneurs That Prefer To Go-With-The-Flow
Episode 31 
- From IT Consultant to Naturopath, Author and Speaker - How She Discovered Her Purpose & Built a Thriving Business Around It - With Claudia Milbourne
Episode 30
 - Where to Invest Your Time for Faster Results
Episode 29
 - Creating Content With Clarity and Confidence - with Melissa Daniels
Episode 28 
- Defining Value So You Can Price Your Services With Confidence
Episode 27 - How To Get Over Your Resistance To Selling - With Leah Mason-Virgin
Episode 26
- How to Build Authority in Your Market So You Attract Better Clients
Episode 25
 - Why Using Your Voice Brings You Bigger Audiences - With Katherine Beck
Episode 24 - Why I'm Changing To USD Pricing After 4 Years in Business
Episode 23 - Avoid These 4 Biggest Mistakes When Outsourcing Your Website Design - With Belinda Owen
Episode 22 - 4 Ways to Scale Your Service-based Business
Episode 21 - Recognising Imposter Syndrome & Using It To Your Advantage - with Rachel Lounds
Episode 20 - The Big Mistake Most People Make When They Try To Scale Their Business
Episode 19 - The Best Way to Inject YoBrand Personality into Your Copywriting - with Elena Connolly
Episode 18 - Why Most Business Plans Don't Work and What To Do Instead
Episode 17 - Lessons from Starting an Online Business with No Marketing Experience - With Anthea Tolan
Episode 16 - Top 5 Things to Automate In Your Business Today
Episode 15 - 4 Ways To Streamline Your Life and Take Back Control of Your Time - with Lisa Twohig
Episode 14 - How to Avoid Undercharging and Low Price Competition
Episode 13 - Why Choosing a Niche Resulted In Quantum Leap Growth Within 90 Days - With Alexandra Lopez
Episode 12 - How to Identify Your Unique Value So That You Get The Best Clients
Episode 11 - What To Do When Someone Copies Your Stuff - With Tracey Mylecharane
Episode 10 - The Worst Piece of Business Advice Ever!
Episode 09 - Signs You Could Be Heading For Burnout and How To Avoid It - With Honni Hayton
Episode 08 - What To Do When You Have More Than One Ideal Customer Profile
Episode 07 - How To Know You're Ready For A Rebrand - With Bec Hughes
Episode 06 - Do Less: Achieve More - The Secret to More Effective Marketing
Episode 05 - Smarter Email Marketing that Drive Sales Without Being Spammy - With Tamsin Starke
Episode 04 - Competing In A Space Of Your Own: How To Get Noticed In A Crowded Market
Episode 03 - How To Get Drool-Worthy Testimonials That Sell Your Service - With Miranda Packer
Episode 02 - How To Attract The Right Clients And The Best Projects
Episode 01 - How She Went From Unseen Freelancer To In-Demand Consultant - With Georgina Chai 

Ready to ditch the hustle & attract more quality clients every month?

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What my clients say...


"My business has exploded this year! Within 3 months I grew revenue over 300%."

Before joining Business JAM I was completely stuck with how to market myself. Jess guided me to bring both sides of my business into an aligned model with one main focus for marketing.

Within 3 months I grew revenue over 300%, smashing my annual revenue target, and I just ran a workshop with over 200 people attending! This has been the BEST year and it's not over yet!

Alexandra Lopez, Founder – Alexandra Lopez Studios


"Business JAM is the best investment I made in 2020!"

Before joining Business JAM I felt I was going in circles, not making any significant progress. I knew my customer but Jessica helped me create a saleable offer for them by thinking of a framework and understanding the “customer journey” concept.

I made back my investment within 2 months, making my business instantly profitable! 

Claudia Harley, Founder – Bookkeeping for Wealth


"The next proposal I sent out secured me a project which generated $15,000 in revenue."

I felt at ease with Jess right from the start. She took the time to understand my business and issues and challenged me to better define my own target audience and offer.

Jess gave me ‘permission’ to increase my pricing, as she reassured me of the value of my offer and what I had to potentially gain.  We updated my packages and increased profit by over 300%!

Melissa Packham, Founder – A Brand Is Not A Logo