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She’s The Business Podcast is made by women, for women, bringing you weekly episodes with inspiring stories and simple strategies to help you get out of your own way and build a profitable business that allows you to live and work on your own terms.


Latest Episodes

Episode 39 - Top 7 Ways to Increase Conversions om Your Website - with Desiree Robards
Episode 38 - 
How to Get Rid Of Self Judgement So You Can Succeed in 2022!
Episode 37 - 
The Essential Skill We Need To Develop If We Want To Be Memorable - With Hannah Michelotti
Episode 36
- How Your Side-Hustle Is Holding You Back and What To Change In 2022!
Episode 35 
- Why Culture Is Important for Your Business to Thrive - With Tanya Siggins
Episode 34 
- Will The Real Marketing Strategy Please Stand Up?
Episode 33 
- How Intuitive Eating And Your Nutrition Mindset Creates More Success In Business - With Ines Schubi
Episode 32
- A Simpler Way to Plan For Intuitive Entrepreneurs That Prefer To Go-With-The-Flow
Episode 31 
- From IT Consultant to Naturopath, Author and Speaker - How She Discovered Her Purpose & Built a Thriving Business Around It - With Claudia Milbourne
Episode 30
 - Where to Invest Your Time for Faster Results
Episode 29
 - Creating Content With Clarity and Confidence - with Melissa Daniels
Episode 28 
- Defining Value So You Can Price Your Services With Confidence
Episode 27 - How To Get Over Your Resistance To Selling - With Leah Mason-Virgin
Episode 26
- How to Build Authority in Your Market So You Attract Better Clients
Episode 25
 - Why Your Voice Brings You Bigger Audiences - With Katherine Beck
Episode 24 - Why I'm Changing To USD Pricing After 4 Years in Business
Episode 23 - Avoid These 4 Biggest Mistakes When Outsourcing Your Website Design - With Belinda Owen
Episode 22 - 4 Ways to Scale Your Service-based Business
Episode 21 - Recognising Imposter Syndrome & Using It To Your Advantage - with Rachel Lounds
Episode 20 - The Big Mistake Most People Make When They Try To Scale Their Business
Episode 19 - The Best Way to Inject YoBrand Personality into Your Copywriting - with Elena Connolly
Episode 18 - Why Most Business Plans Don't Work and What To Do Instead
Episode 17 - Lessons from Starting an Online Business with No Marketing Experience - With Anthea Tolan
Episode 16 - Top 5 Things to Automate In Your Business Today
Episode 15 - 4 Ways To Streamline Your Life and Take Back Control of Your Time - with Lisa Twohig
Episode 14 - How to Avoid Undercharging and Low Price Competition
Episode 13 - How Choosing a Niche Resulted in Quantum Leap Growth - with Alexandra Lopez
Episode 12 - How to Identify Your Unique Value So That You Get The Best Clients
Episode 11 - What To Do When Someone Copies Your Stuff - with Tracey Mylecharane
Episode 10 - The Worst Piece of Business Advice Ever!
Episode 09 - Signs You Could Be Heading For Burnout and How To Avoid It - With Honni Hayton
Episode 08 - What To Do When You Have More Than One Ideal Customer Profile
Episode 07 - How to Know You're Ready for a Rebrand - with Bec Hughes
Episode 06 - Do Less: Achieve More - The Secret to More Effective Marketing
Episode 05 - Smarter Email Marketing that Drive Sales Without Being Spammy - with Tamsin Starke
Episode 04 - Competing in a space of your own: how to get noticed in a crowded market
Episode 03 - How to get drool-worthy testimonials that sell your service with Miranda Packer
Episode 02 - How to attract the right clients and the best projects
Episode 01 - How to differentiate in a crowded market with Georgina Chai

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