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12 - 21 October!

The Art of Attracting High-Quality Clients

... without hunting them all over the internet, so you can have a high-income business in part-time hours and enjoy more freedom in life!

Master Your Marketing live training with Jessica Osborn

If you aren’t easily attracting the sort of clients that light your soul on fire (while also boosting your bank balance!)...

...then you've got something out of place in your strategy. 


Easily fixed, when you know how!

Join me in my special LIVE 3-Part Training Master Your Marketing...

..Where l'm sharing the simple recipe to attracting top QUALITY clients without slaving away on socials or sending cold DMs.

Each session is designed to build on the next, so by the end of Part 3 you’ll know what today’s Impact Makers are doing differently…

… so that they magnetically attract high-quality clients that bring them fulfillment, a bulging bank account, and a freedom-filled life!

Master Your Marketing free training with Jessica Osborn

Here’s the line up for our EPIC 3-part series

to Master Your Marketing so you can work less and earn more!

Part 1: How to be the obvious choice for high-quality clients
Part 2: Uncover the untapped earnings in your service model
Part 3: The complete strategic blueprint to attract high quality clients!

Just think how much easier life will be when the right clients find YOU?

#lessworkmorelife is my favourite motto!

Register NOW for Master Your Marketing 3-part LIVE training and let's revolutionize your marketing this year!

12 - 21 October, 2023

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Hi, I'm Jessica, your host for Master Your Marketing

Over the last 25 years I've worked in marketing  for big business and then running my own two small businesses... I've seen and experienced the enormous difference it makes when you're aligned to the right clients. 

The real secret to having a fulfilling, high-income part-time business is attracting HIGH-QUALITY clients.

Without them, you're working too many hours for little return, feel unfulfilled in your work while also compromising on your lifestyle goals. That sort of business is impossible to scale cause you're already at breaking point. It's a no-win situation! 

So - as a busy mother of two who LOVES to travel, hang at the beach and live my life to the full, while also running a fun and highly rewarding part-time business - I'm excited to share with you all my experience broken down into a simple framework of mastery in your marketing: the Art of Attracting High-Quality Clients. 

Let's DO this!! xx

Jessica Osborn, business coach and mom of two shares her simple marketing framework for attracting high quality clients in her free training Master Your Marketing

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