Business Coaching

Work with me 1:1


Private coaching to develop the most effective marketing and growth strategies for your coaching or consulting business! 

Do you want:

> to attract the right clients, who are the perfect fit for your expertise and get great results?

> to have a steady flow of new leads that turn into customers with minimal effort?

> to spend less time working and see growth in your profit margins? 


Yes of course! And what about:

> Clarity on your next steps, and

> Confidence to move ahead? 

Business doesn’t need to be complicated, but we so often get tied up in knots trying to make it flow. Instead of second guessing yourself, get the support you need to take action!

This is about you and me – together.

Your success is my success. I’ll help you find the faster way to reach your business goals, without compromising on your life!


Stand out in your crowded market as the obvious choice for your ideal client so that you achieve consistent sales, command the best rates and achieve your vision!

Why choose me as your coach?

When you work with me, you’ll benefit from my 20+ years’ professional experience in marketing – leading teams to build highly successful brands and businesses.

I’ve also spent the last 14 years running 2 of my own online businesses. Which means, I know what it’s like growing a service based business, and how to get real results with focused strategies.

We’ll find your spot in the market that you can own with authority, and build a system that brings in committed paying clients for your offerings. Avoid the cut-throat world of price competition and never have to rely solely on referrals again! 

We’ll deep dive into what’s working and what’s holding you back, and get crystal clear on exactly what you need to be focusing on now, and your next steps, to achieve the business in your vision. 

And, to create the business that supports the life you actually want to be living each day!

Let’s do this! xx

I’m right for you if:

You’re a woman with a service-based business.

You might be a consultant, a professional, an educator or a coach. Or you provide business services such as marketing, design, or technical support.

You might have reached your income ceiling and want to look at new revenue streams to create growth without adding hours to your day.

Or you’ve hit a growth plateau and want to develop a strategy to attract clients. 

Maybe, you’ve been relying on sporadic referrals and you want to build your own marketing system to bring consistent leads (and clients).  

You’re committed to your future and ready to take action to change your results. (Yes, definitely this one!)

I’m not right for you if:

You’re in a network marketing or franchise business (unless you own the brand).

Your business is purely retail or wholesale products.

And sorry, but if you’re here for a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, that’s not me. Authentic business strategies only here.

Ready to have a business strategy that attracts the right prospects to you, so you don’t waste time constantly searching for new clients?

Imagine if this was you in just a few months' time...

"I'm on track to quadruple my freelance income compared to last year!

I didn’t realize just how lost I was until I started working with Jessica! Since then, my freelance business has gone from boring to soaring! 😍

Jessica helped me so much by defining my goals, learning how to prioritize and organize, and most of all she helped me finally define my niche! Now, everything I do actually gets results.

My advice for anyone looking at working with Jessica is... take the leap! Believe in yourself enough to invest in yourself. You won’t regret it."

Molly Frank
Founder of Frankly Fabuluos Copy

"I was looking for a business coach with expertise in marketing to help me navigate through setting up training courses.

I talked with several coaches, but when I talked to Jess, I knew I'd found the right person.

Jess has been absolutely amazing - not only in every single coaching session, but also between sessions with all sorts of support that goes over, above, and beyond. She's energetic, motivating, practical and sensible, and she really knows her stuff.

I so often find myself muttering under my breath while I'm working on my business: "Jess, you're a marvel."

Kate Swann
Psychologist & Coach

"I was averaging $10-15k months and now it's far closer to $25k minimum months!"

Before, I was charging as if everyone was a best friend and not an actual client for a business.

Now I'm clear on who I can provide my best value to and I've changed the way I offer my services. Which means my average per-client revenue has increased by 462%!

I'm now jam-packed to the rafters (in a great way!) at a price point that clients respect more and resultantly, I do too! It's waaaaaayyyy more scalable and I've got a pipeline of really well suited folks!

Investing in this program, above all else - was a step into accountability, a step into playing bigger!


Louise Spinks
Career Strategist and Leadership Coach

Alright, you’re still here reading, so how about a chat?

Book a time in my calendar for a 15 minute introductory call.

We’ll discuss your business situation and where you want to get to, and assess if I’m the right fit to be your coach. If I’m not, I’ll refer you to someone who might be better suited to you.


What’s coaching with me like?

Choose from a shorter intensive or longer program with more support. 

We’ll have a regular Zoom session where we work towards the goals we set at the start.

I’ll get you unstuck and moving forward each session, give you fresh perspectives on your business, help you identify what to start, stop or optimise to reach your goals.

Between sessions I’m available via email or messenger, providing feedback and support whenever you need it. 

Plus you’ll get access to all my online resources, to support you in developing your strategy. (This bit alone is worth thousands!).

My private coaching packages range from $4,000 to $15,000, or you might choose to book a single session to start with. 

I’m committed to your success, every step of the way.