Impact-Maker's Brand Strategy Worksheet

✔  Uncover the true essence of YOU and how to communicate it so that you attract the right clients

✔  Build a magnetic brand that sets you apart you as an Impact-Maker

✔  Summarise in a handy document you can share with copywriters and graphic designers


"Create a magnetic brand that sets you apart as an Impact Maker."

Your brand is more than a logo; it’s how your business communicates with the outside world.

"Connect with your ideal customer through a brand that feels right."


Let's start here: Your brand is not your logo! Nobody buys from you because of your logo, it's far deeper than that.

It’s the essence of your business, what you stand for and why you exist for your clients.

It’s who you are as a business which is communicated through your messaging, visual and audible materials.

So – when you build your brand to showcase all of this in an authentic way, then you're able to magnetically attract the right people (aka your ideal client).

It can feel complicated, but its easy when you know how! 

Let’s get you clear on your unique brand, and build the Impact-Maker profile that sets you apart today!