Simple Brand Strategy Worksheet

  Template that you can easily edit and use again.

  Detailed worksheet with 11 pages to help you dig deep into your brand strategy.


"Create a stand-out brand that attracts your ideal customer."

Your brand is more than a logo; it’s how your business represents itself to the outside world.

"Attract your ideal customer with a brand that appeals to them."


Your brand is key to your business success. And it’s not JUST about your logo.

It’s the essence of your business, what you stand for and why you exist for your clients! It’s who you are as a business which is communicated through colours, the font, the graphics, the imagery, your writing style, and so much more.

Basically – it’s the way you present and represent your business, and this needs to be done in an authentic way that it attracts precisely the right people (aka your idea customer or client).

It can sound quite complicated, but this worksheet is going to map it out in a really simple way for you!

Let’s get you clear on your brand, and build that strong reputation you desire – today!

What's included?

You’ll be guided through how to define your personality traits, values, colours, image styles and writing style.

Once you have your brand strategy figured out, you can apply it through all your external touchpoints (think website, social media, brochures etc.) to create a consistent brand style for your business.

It will lay the foundations of your business if you’re just getting started – or allow you to hone in on your brand style, for a more established business.

Let’s do it! Download the worksheet and get your brand strategy sorted today!