Hello! I’m Jessica.


Some people call me the Niche Ninja, I call myself a champion of professional women who are backing themselves to create their best life, working on their own terms. Business is simply your vehicle to create the life YOU most want - so let’s build you the most efficient, reliable machine to get you there, faster.



I've developed my "JAM Plan" Strategic Framework based on
my years of experience (23 and counting...)

in marketing, as a manager and leader of corporate teams, and more recently for my own business
and through coaching my clients to achieve revenue growth of 500% and more!

Instead of: working hard to attract clients, any clients, or relying on inconsistent referrals from others...


You’ll be: having your ideal clients popping into your inbox and DMs begging for more info, picking the best ones to work with and feeling secure about your pipeline of prospects.


Instead of: feeling stuck in a price-competitive market, undercharging to win clients and trading time for money...


You’ll be: commanding your top rates with value-packed packages that your clients can’t wait to sign up for, and growing profits through smarter service structuring.

Instead of: slaving away at your business every evening and weekend, missing important family time...


You’ll be: enjoying how your business runs while you sleep, seeing payments come in automatically and loving how much free time you have - hello gym!


Corporate exec to Niche Ninja...the abriged version!


It began in 2017 when I was due to have baby #2. I was at the top of the corporate ladder and it was abruptly knocked from under my feet as the idea of a mum in the exec team didn’t fit the vision of the company. 

Rather than take a step back, I decided to stand up and jump into my own business. 

I wanted more fulfilment, to make an impact and leave a legacy I was proud of. 

And, importantly, to be able to live and work where I wanted, and have the freedom to enjoy all the special moments with my two children. 

Did I want cake with all the trimmings? Damn right! And I was determined to get it. 

Hitting the Wall


You may already know I’m degree qualified in marketing and psychology, and spent 20 of my best years building successful corporate brands. I’d also already built another online business - so you’d think it would all be a breeze.

But, even with all that behind me, I made plenty of mistakes! I found it incredibly hard to niche down and specialise because I had such broad experience. And soooo many people I could help - I didn’t want to leave opportunity on the table! 

I wanted to succeed so much, I took clients who weren’t the best fit, and customised my services to suit what they wanted. 



It was much harder than it needed to be and I wasn’t enjoying myself.


Making a Quantum Leap


Before long I was mentally maxed out and frustratingly behind on my revenue goals.  It was time to go back to my core strategy and get specific on who I was really best suited to help so I could position myself as the right choice for them.

Clarifying my niche and aligning my entire strategy was the moment everything changed.

Suddenly I was earning more and working less

I was attracting the BEST clients, without any particular effort - they were dropping into my inbox and booking calls with me. 

Helping them achieve outstanding transformations in their own business by applying my  strategic framework felt more rewarding than anything I’ve ever experienced before. 

I scaled my offers and quickly made progress to achieving my business vision. 

The niche ninja was born….

You may have seen me in...

What my clients say...

"My average project value has increased by 825%!"

Everything has changed since I did Business JAM. My perspective, my energy, my focus, my clarity, my purpose.

I was overwhelmed, lost. Knowing I needed to niche, but having zero clue how to go about it. 

It gave me the confidence and clarity to niche down and simplify my offer so I could reduce non-billable time and eliminate overwhelm. 

I increased revenue by 170% in the first 60 DAYS! 

It’s easily the best business decision I’ve ever made – and the best investment!

Miranda Packer

"Jessica gave us the discipline and support we needed as business owners to really launch Get Your Future Together."

In the space of 3-4 months Jessica really turned our business around. It wasn't that we didn't have something valuable to offer, but we were missing the business processes, simplicity and clarity of language to engage the people who really needed what we have to offer. 

Within 6 months we were fully booked and paying ourselves decent salary from our 500% increase in revenue.

Catherine Phan

" I feel a lot more confident, knowing I've got Jess on my side, helping me to be successful in achieving my goals!"

Before I started coaching with Jess, I was completely lost. I knew what I wanted to achieve but I didn't have a clue on how I was going to get there. I didn't have a clear strategy. Jess has helped me develop my strategy and provided an amazing amount of knowledge, support, hand holding and honest feedback; as well as contributing further ideas. This is not like any other coaching I've done previously, certainly a cut above the rest, in my opinion. 

Emma Barrington


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A woman supporting women

What happened to my corporate career is not unusual - shockingly it’s far too common for women to be squeezed out once they become a mum. 

It’s no great surprise that the majority of small businesses are founded by women in their 30s and 40s. 

They’re talented, experienced and have a huge desire to help others with their skills, while also achieving their own version of business-life balance. 

But they also often underestimate their real value and lack the confidence they need to take their business from ‘freelancer mode’ to profitable business. 

So I’ve made it my mission to help women be successful in business. Starting with my free Facebook community where women can come to feel empowered and supported by a crew of others just like them.


You're still here reading..So are you now ready to transform YOUR business?

Whether you want to learn from me at your own pace, get involved with my energetic groups, or strategise your world domination in a private setting… I’ve got you covered!