054 - What This Mum Did To Have A Very Profitable, Fulfilling Business Working Only 10 Hours A Week!

Season #1

Chatting to Alexandra Lopez about her story and her experience in Business JAM last year - what an incredible transformation she's had! She found a better way and has made remarkable strides with her business in a short amount of time.  Before Alexandra joined Business JAM, she had shiny object syndrome, wasting time and always wondering, 'Do I do this or that?'. She made her most significant breakthrough in finding her niche during the course. First, she realised her offer made her a voice strategist, not just an artist. Next, she changed her pricing model, offering packages instead of pricing per minute.  The result? She smashed her annual revenue target in less than 90 days without sacrificing time with her family! Business JAM is the ONLY strategic program for service-based business owners that helps you define your unique difference so that you can finally stand out as an authority in your space, attract 5 star clients and charge your worth. And, you'll finally know how to align your business to your lifestyle vision so you achieve that flexible school-hours business you're dreaming of! Visit https://www.jessicaosborn.com/business-jam-2022 to register this week only. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.