053 - Are You Holding Yourself Back From Success Without Even Realising It?

Season #1

Are you holding yourself back from bigger success without even realising it? Well…I was. And, in a BIG way. When I took a step back, I realised the BIG mistake I was making. But, once I made the changes…WOW! I really wished I had figured that out sooner. And you can too in today’s episode! Tune in as I share my story, and you’ll learn: How I was holding myself back How to recognise when you’re holding yourself back My tips and insights on how you can make the change and leap forward faster in your business  Business JAM is the ONLY strategic program for service-based business owners that helps you define your unique difference so that you can finally stand out as an authority in your space, attract 5 star clients and charge your worth. And, you'll finally know how to align your business to your lifestyle vision so you achieve that flexible school-hours business you're dreaming of! Visit https://www.jessicaosborn.com/business-jam-2022 to register this week only. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.