143 - 5 Conversion-Improving Content Pieces To Include In Your Email Welcome Sequence - With Tamsin Starke

Season #1

Did you know that email STILL converts more leads than other forms of marketing?

That’s email to a subscriber list, not direct cold emails to random strangers BTW!

And that a simple Welcome sequence is the easiest way to nurture and qualify new leads?

My guest, email marketing expert Tamsin Starke of Email Parade explains that an effective Welcome sequence helps you with all of this:

  1. Sets the tone for the relationship that you want to create

  2. Builds on momentum at a time where interest is at its peak

  3. Builds a case for working with you

  4. Increasing the likelihood of converting them into clients

  5. Sets trends for higher open rate + deliverability rate. 

Tamsin has refined the welcome sequence down to a fine art, and says there’s 5 key pieces of content that help you achieve the best results.


What are these 5 key pieces of content?

#1 Welcome

Deliver lead magnet and set expectations

#2 About

Show people that there's a real human behind the business, and why you're the best person to help them.

#3 Check in

Show that you care with a follow up on the lead magnet

#4 Value bomb

Give your subscribers an added piece of value (that they haven't asked for), but you know they will find useful.

#5 Addressing objections

Put words around questions that your subscribers could have and why you’re the right person to help them solve their problem.

Tune in to hear Tamsin give a detailed description of why each of these are important to include and HOW to use them in this episode!

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