170 - How To Intersect Energy and Strategy For Sustainability In Business - with Jenna Faye Madden

Season #1

What happens when you intersect feminine energy with masculine strategy in your business?

The ability to sustain your success for the long term!

Today, we're challenging the age-old tales of business triumphs that rarely tell the whole story.

If you've noticed that the harder you push, the more you come up against resistance, it's a sign that the balance of your energy and strategy might be off.

This episode is more than special—it's a conversation that every woman in business needs to hear.

I'm delighted to be joined by Jenna Faye Madden, host of Soul Meets Strategy Podcast and an enlightened business strategist and coach who intertwines the power of energy with solid business acumen.

Her ability to blend strategic practicality with a splash of spirituality brings a refreshing take on how to sustain success without burning out.

Here's what we're unpacking today with Jenna:

1. How to build your strategy around your energy cycles for more flow.

2. Understand your pattern to make your business work for you, not the other way around.

3. Bust the myth of one-size-fits-all success:

4. Explore the magnetic pull of intuition and expression in the 'feminine' business model.

5. Why the right hemisphere of the brain deserves a seat at the boardroom table.

6. Find balance in content creation

7. Create content with intention, not for attention, and feel the liberation.


Ready to redefine what success looks like for you?

Tune in to this episode with the fabulous Jenna Faye Madden, and start your journey towards a balanced, fulfilled, and instinctive approach to business.

Because here, we know she's not just the business; she's the power behind it.


About our guest:

Jenna Faye Madden is a soul evolution guide, new earth architect and 7-figure leadership and business mentor for conscious female entrepreneurs.

As the CEO of Soul Meets Strategy®, she guides feminine leaders to ASCEND onto their highest timeline, EMBODY their full magic and to SCALE their soul business, sustainably.

Jenna is a podcaster, best-selling author, international speaker, and community cultivator, known for her impactful brand and movement for conscious women around the world.

With unwavering dedication, she pioneers the path of new earth embodiment, inspiring women to create abundance and reach unprecedented levels of self liberation, soul expression and success.


Connect with Jenna Faye:

Website: www.soulmeetsstrategy.com

Social links:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/soulmeetsstrategy

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jennahandel



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