173 - The Strategy, Mindset and Energy Of Creating Consistent Cash - With Bec Cuzzillo

Season #1

How does money flow into your business right now? Is it coming in consistently month to month or does it happen in bursts?

As the lifeblood of your business - literally! - it's your role as the CEO, Founder or Owner to be in charge of your business cashflow.

So let's dive in and talk more about it.

There's no coincidence that some businesses make money easily and some do not.

It's not 'luck' or magic.

The answer is much more than the tangible things you can see in front of you - I've seen many businesses with amazing-looking offerings who're making very little!

To attract consistent cash, your business needs to have a 3 pronged approach to money - strategy for how you earn it (aka your offerings!), mindset for how you manage it, and energy for how you attract it!

Today on the podcast, I'm chatting with Spiritual Business Coach, Bec Cuzzillo, all about fine-tuning your business to be a money-attracting machine!

  • What is the 'strategy' for making money?
  • Why what you think about money has a big impact on your business
  • How to identify the thoughts that are turning off the tap (so you can open up more abundance!)
  • What the energy of attracting money in your business looks like


About our guest:

Bec Cuzzillo is a Spiritual Business Coach for spiritual women who want to build abundant, heart-led, sustainable businesses – businesses that truly set their souls on fire.

Through her group coaching and mastermind programs, Bec’s mission is to support women to claim their worth, master their mindset and step into the highest vision for their life and business.

Her approach combines soulful business strategy with mindset, energetics and fully embodied feminine spirituality to ensure you walk away with the practical and intuitive tools and strategies to build a life and business that you love.

Having been in business for over 7 years, Bec now balances biz-life with mum-life, living on the NSW South Coast of Australia with her husband, Matt, and her beautiful boys, Noah & Hugo.


Connect with Bec:

Website: www.beccuzzillo.com

Instagram: @bec.cuzzillo

Podcast: Feminine Fire with Bec Cuzzillo Podcast

Discover Your Goddess Business Archetype Quiz: www.beccuzzillo.com/quiz


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