175 - How Having 3 Kids In Her 40s Was The Catalyst For Her Business Success - With Elizabeth King

Season #1

If you've ever felt like there's a bigger reason you came to exist on this planet...

and just can't figure out what exactly that is, then you're going to love today's episode!

Perhaps your purpose is hidden in plain sight - in your everyday life, in your knowledge and experiences...

Or maybe it's in your heart and you already know deep down what it is but haven't taken action on it yet.

It's normal to dismiss what we might consider to be 'normal' or obvious...

…yet often this is where the real value you have to offer is found!

My amazing guest, Elizabeth King, has been an entrepreneur for 25 years (and counting!) and shares with us how she followed her heart into her purpose-led business while working a seemingly incongruous job in software marketing.

Her refreshing take on the 'side hustle' and how it became the catalyst for her main focus in business is down to earth and relatable.

Tune in to hear Elizabeth's incredible story:

  1. When she realised that she had a bigger purpose in life than doing her job

  2. Becoming a life coach and starting her side hustle

  3. How she evolved her business into fertility coaching from her own life experience of having 3 kids over 40

  4. The introduction of Fertility Coach Academy to create even bigger impact in the world

  5. How she balances all this with her 'side-hustle' marketing agency and being mom to 3 kids!


About our guest:

Elizabeth King is an Internationally Certified Fertility Expert and Founder and CEO of the Fertility Coach Academy who helps people of all backgrounds conceive a healthy baby and carry to term. 

After having 3 children of her own after the age of 40, Elizabeth believes taking a more holistic approach is the key to success when attempting to conceive. Now as a Master Certified ICF Life Coach, Birth & Bereavement Doula, and New Parent Educator she has helped thousands of women achieve their dreams of conception and parenthood in 20+ countries around the world. She supports clients through natural fertility, infertility, IVF, miscarriage loss, early pregnancy PTSD, and new parent support. 

With over 25k followers on Instagram, Elizabeth is the host of Podcast, Creation Innovation and is a contributor to the books Naturally Conceived and The Creative Lifebook.  For her expertise, she has been featured in Forbes, BBC, Romper, Parade Magazine, Entrepreneur, and The New York Post, on Good Morning Washington, Sacramento's Your California Life, and The Tamron Hall Show, and on podcasts like, The Transition Channel and The Bachelor to the Burbs.


Connect with Elizabeth:

Website: www.elizabethking.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theofficialelizabethking/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElizabethKingLifeCoach

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