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Attract High-Quality Clients... you can have a fulfilling, high-income business in part-time hours and enjoy more freedom in life!

If you’re tired of slaving away on social media, relying on referrals and still being miles away from your income goal, then it’s time to get your strategy aligned so you're attracting the right clients - without any hard sales or exhausting hustle.

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Miranda got her strategy aligned and discovered just how easy it is to sign top quality clients doing what she LOVES best!

"My average project revenue increased by 825% in just 8 weeks! 

Joining Business JAM is the best business decision I've ever made!"

Miranda Packer
WordBird Copywriting

Is it your moment to rise up?

If you’re feeling like you’re just one of many in your niche, battling to be seen, and competing on price to win clients, then you've got a huge opportunity to change the game!

Business JAM is a coaching program like no other. You get ME - a marketing strategist with 25+ years experience - on your team, in the trenches with you, helping you leap ahead.

Instead of wasting your time trying to find a magical pill in the latest online trends, you'll discover the simple way to be a magnet for high quality clients!

Imagine how empowering it will feel to work with the best clients, be valued for your expertise, excited by your work AND be exceeding your income goals in part time hours so you've got more family time and free time - pretty good right?

In Business JAM we ditch the hustle and slow growth for a sweeter spread!

Meet a few of the Business JAM family - a crew of motivated women living into their ideal life & your new cheer squad!

"I grew revenue by 300% and smashed my annual target in JUST 90 DAYS!"

Before Business JAM, my lack of clarity meant I wasted so much time, and I was terrified of niching, because performing artists typically dabble in everything (or end up broke!).

Jess helped me face my fears, gently challenging me to niche, and now I’m clear on exactly who my ideal client is, and what I do for them.

I'm now working with my dream clients and earning more than I thought possible - while still working just 10 hours a week! 

The confidence and clarity I now have is so freeing, because I’ve stopped second guessing. I can back myself and just get things done.

Alexandra Lopez - CEO, Alexandra Lopez Studios

"I increased prices 33% and now pay myself a salary that feels abundant!"

Business JAM has transformed my business! Previously I was too dependent on referrals, not generating my own clients, and afraid to raise my prices.

Before joining, I had doubts. Just because it’s worked for others, doesn’t mean it will work for me. I was wrong! I’ve now got a constant flow of revenue, and knowing exactly who my ideal client is means my messaging is better, and so she comes to me. 

I feel clear, purposeful and have so much more space in my day to work on things that matter, like creating extraordinary websites for extraordinary women.

Sally Tudhope - Sally Tudhope Creative

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