055 - How Your Subconscious Mind Impacts Every Decision You Make In Business - With Dr. Hayley Kelly

Season #1

Dr. Hayley Kelly, psychologist and founder of Therapists Rising, the largest online global community supporting therapists to transform their clinical skills into a scalable, purpose-led business that gives them more financial security and impacts more lives without having to do more work.

On today’s podcast you’ll learn:

  • How the shadows of the past trauma - whether it’s our own or ancestral - can have a significant impact on us today
  • What’s happening in our subconscious mind that’s driving our behaviours
  • How our subconscious mind plays a big role in decision making Insights into how our subconscious could be holding you back and how to recognise it to take action

If you’re ready to help yourself and be your best self, you won’t want to miss this!

Follow Hayley at:

Facebook: @hayleykellyau

Website: https://therapistsrising.com


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