181 - The Power Of Podcasting For Business Growth and Time Freedom - With Rosemarie Callender

Season #1

Ever felt like social media was a party you're forced to attend?

Constantly updating, scrolling, and engaging – it's exhausting, isn't it?

What if I told you there's a way to share your voice and grow your business without the hectic pace of keeping the algorithm happy?

Enter the world of podcasting – your platform to speak directly to your audience without the need for a fancy outfit or a steady stream of posts.

In this latest episode of She's The Business Podcast, we dive into a conversation that might just change the way you think about reaching your audience.

So, grab your favorite cuppa and listen in as we chat with the incredible Rosemarie Callender, who's all about turning the volume up for female-led brands.

Rosemarie is not just a podcast launch coach; she's a fairy godmother for your business's voice.

With her expert insight, prepare to challenge the norm of social media and discover why podcasting could become your new favorite strategy.

Here's a sneak peek of the juicy nuggets we'll drop into your ear buds:

- Why is your podcast an ideal way to connect on deeper levels with your audience?

- What makes podcasting a unique tool for creating freedom and flexibility with your content creation?

- The undeniable strength of podcasting for building authority and creating evergreen content.

- How can you tailor podcast frequency and seasonality to fit your life and your listeners' needs?


Get ready to have some aha-moments and maybe, just maybe, take the leap to start your very own podcast.

Don't miss out – tune in now and let's hit play on new possibilities!

About our guest:

Rosemarie is a podcast coach and a launch strategist supporting women coaches and service providers to launch profitable podcasts that work for them and their business, especially when they aren’t working.

With her proven strategy, clients move from procrastination to finally launching their podcasts, consistently nurturing their audience and attracting their dream clients and paid visibility opportunities in 30 days.

No more social media stress – with Rosemarie's proven strategy, you'll spend less time hustling online and more time doing what you love.

Connect with Rosemarie:

Podcast: The Podcast to Amplify Show

Website: www.toobusytopodcast.co.uk



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