Clubhouse: What Is It and How Do I Use It For My Business?

brand strategy content marketing marketing social media Feb 01, 2021

As you’re probably already aware, the newest player in our digital world, Clubhouse, has sprung onto the scene and the internet chatter about it is snowballing, and so are the member numbers! 

But, is it just a short lived craze… and do I really need to be on yet ANOTHER platform? 

These are the questions most are thinking as it’s already a drain to keep up a presence on existing online platforms. 

So, I thought I’d break it down for you, nice and simple, sharing my experiences of the last 3 weeks in Clubhouse. 


What is Clubhouse? 

I like to think of it as “interactive live podcasts”. 

Basically it’s about conversations and it happens in real time. Nothing is recorded so you have to show up to take part! 

It’s audio only, no video, so you can get on it any time of the day, in the nude if you wish and noone would be any the wiser! 

Usually the rooms are hosted by one or more people, have a topic, and they often invite participants in the room to speak, ask questions, or join in the conversation. 

Some rooms are more structured and the host will do the bulk of the talking, other times the host might interview their guests/ co-hosts. 

It’s much more casual, free-flowing and spontaneous than podcasts, but I liken them to podcasts because it’s a great way to learn from experts. 


Should I be on it? 

Ah-ha! The million dollar question! 

Why join yet another platform when we’re already maxed out keeping up with our other social media? I get you! 

However, Clubhouse isn’t like the other social media platforms. 


I think there’s two main reasons why you’d choose to make time for Clubhouse: 

  1. To learn from the experts you already follow and/or discover some new experts!
    If you already listen to podcasts, this is very similar in the way that it’s audio-only and you can listen in while walking, running, driving or commuting. The only difference is that it’s live, so you can only listen to what’s on right now. 
  2. To grow your brand authority, increase your reputation as a thought leader.
    This is where you would intentionally make Clubhouse part of your marketing strategy. Host and co-host rooms to grow your audience and bring them across to your other platforms or email list. 

Of course, if you’ve got lots of time on your hands and just want to connect with other humans, this is a constant live conference of people and you can dip into and out of rooms as you please, and find interesting people to connect with. 


How do you join Clubhouse? 

Right now, it’s only available on iPhone, but and Android app is coming soon. 

You need to be invited by a current member to get in, which means that it’s got good constant growth and the platform developers can keep up with demand and bandwidth. 

You can register, and then any of your contacts who are already in can see you’re waiting for an invite and give you one. 

How do I use it? 

It’s an app on your iPhone. Free to download and once you’re invited, you’ll be asked to set up a profile with a name, photo and bio. You can link it directly to your Insta and Twitter accounts too. 

Everyone is asked to use their own name, although for your unique handle you might have to be creative! Think about having some consistency with your other social media platforms. 

So if you’re in Clubhouse to potentially use it to grow your audience or business rather than just personal use, I’d advise using the same handle you have already on your Instagram account. 

Creating your Clubhouse Bio

Next, the bio! You’ve got plenty of space here, although it may not look like it. Just like Insta, you can use text and emojis, but otherwise formatting is limited. 

Golden rule with bios – make it interesting but also be a HUMAN! Nobody wants to connect with someone who sounds like a robot.

And, you definitely want to tailor it to attract the right people! If you’re already in Clubhouse, come find me and check out my bio at @jessica.osborn

Want some tips for your own? Download my FREE guide to writing your own winning Clubhouse bio >> 

Joining a room

Once, you’re in, you’ll see a list of relevant ‘public’ rooms that are on, or soon to go live on your dashboard. You can click to join any of them. 

If a room you want to join isn’t live yet, you can add it to your Google or Apple calendars to get a reminder when it’s on. 

When you join a room, your profile photo and name will appear in the room, but you’ll be on mute, so don’t worry! You can’t speak in a room unless the host invites you to join them and unmutes you. 

If you wish to speak, you simply push the button for Raise Your Hand, and the host will be notified you want to speak, so they can bring you up to the ‘panel’. 

When you want to leave a room, just push “leave quietly” and you’ll simply disappear from the room!


Hosting a room

This is a bit of fun for sure! You can go live at any time if you want to start an instant room. You can also start private conversations with anyone else who’s currently live on Clubhouse. 

But most people schedule rooms in advance so you have time to get people interested in joining. You simply go to the calendar and follow the prompts to schedule your room. 

You can ‘Ping’ people to join it once you’re in there, but ideally you’ll use your other platforms to bring your audience over to Clubhouse and join you in the room. 

Some of the best rooms I’ve been in have been co-hosted by a few people, each sharing their own insights on the topic. 

As the host who scheduled the meeting you’re one in control. You can see when someone raises their hand and instantly let them into the speaking space. You can also mute people or remove them. 


So – what’s the verdict? Do it or ignore it?

The decision is entirely yours to make! If you’re feeling stretched already and have no brain space for learning something new, then put it on your future list. 

But if you’ve got a little time to spend on your own education, development and networking, this thing is hotter than a car parked in the desert. Get on it and experiment! 

You can join me in one of my rooms, we’ll have a chat and a bit of a laugh!

Find me at @jessica.osborn