Story: How She Did It – Launch Two Online Businesses In Two Years

business strategy ideal customer marketing Apr 23, 2020
Meagan’s done what so many dream of – turned her side hustle into her main gig!


But not only that, she’s founded two businesses in two years, with no prior experience in running a business!

In the interview below she shares her journey into the world of entrepreneurship, what she learnt along the way and how she’s achieved her goal of leaving her professional job to run her businesses from home. 

Launching The Gut Healing Community was the start of a complete transformation for her, but it didn’t all happen on day 1.

She’s open and honest about the challenges she had with her mindset.

First there was the lack of confidence in herself and then complete overwhelm at the enormity of learning everything there is to know about building and marketing an online business!

As she worked to move past her fears, she found that if she broke it down to small steps and just took one step at a time, she could move forward – and conquered her goals one by one.

Her niche strategy worked

Meagan’s concept with The Gut Healing Community was very specific in terms of her niche, and that’s what helped it grow to over 10k followers in 2 years, and 2.5k members in her Facebook community – Gut Healing Support and Chat Group.

She quickly built a reputation and authority in the space, which attracted members to her Facebook community and led her to starting a second business, this time to help other businesses in the industry get online.

Wellness Media Studio helps health and wellness professionals take their businesses online with simple stunning websites and beautiful branding.


You might think that was enough for a busy mum… but no! 

Meagan’s had SO many requests for her simple wholefood recipes and advice on how to remove toxins from our household items that she’s now created a special online membership for mums who want support on how to make these changes in their own homes.

Members of the Wholefoods and Low-Tox Mums program get access to her entire recipe bank with guided support on how to start making simple food swaps to move their whole family to a healthy wholefoods diet (kid friendly and fussy eater approved!).

Plus all sorts of other support like expert masterclasses and special FB support group to share ideas and ask questions.

Meagan’s done all this working from home part-time. She’s been able to quit her day job to be a full time business owner and has the freedom and flexibility to balance business and family life.

Watch this inspiring interview below to hear all about Meagan’s story.

Congratulations Meagan! Love, love love your work.

Mentioned in the video:

The Gut Healing Community
Gut Healing Support & Chat Group on Facebook
 Wholefoods and Low-Tox Mums membership
Fussy to Foodie 4 week program for parents with fussy toddlers (and other gut health programs)
Wellness Media Studio


Ready to be inspired?

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