Story: How She Pivoted Her Business and Increased Revenue By 300%

brand strategy business strategy ideal customer Mar 27, 2020

I’m thrilled to bring you this inspiring interview with self-confessed brand ‘nerd’ and founder of brand strategy consultancy A Brand Is Not A Logo, Melissa Packham.

Listen to hear Melissa tell us her story about how she relaunched her business after taking her business off line for ‘maternity leave’ and how a change to her target ideal customer had massive impact for her business…

… achieving 300% increase in revenue immediately!

Melissa shares with us how she made changes for the better and how she pivoted to create a business that would see her working in her genius zone on the high value projects she enjoyed most, and gave her the time and lifestyle she needed to care for her young baby at home.

She’s continued to realise the success of her pivot, and her business is going from strength to strength.

It’s such a fantastic story with so many great takeaways.

You can connect with Melissa on her socials, or check out her awesome work and stunning brand pics over on her website! 

Facebook: A Brand Is Not A Logo


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