Story: Standing out from the crowd through differentiation – with Georgina Chai

brand strategy business strategy marketing Mar 01, 2021
What makes someone stand out from the crowd – especially when you’re competing with up to 300 others?
Georgina, founder of Flourish Career and VA Services, has 15 years of experience in HR and recruitment behind her and shares with us her top tips when it comes to securing the job.   She’s helped countless clients to win their dream jobs by taking a strategic approach to positioning them as the obvious choice for the role. There’s lots of elements involved through the whole process from application to interview, far more than a simple resume refresh.
She told me “the majority of job seekers tend to take a “spray and pray” approach. So there’s not a lot of time spent on customising job applications to a particular role.”
“And this is so vital because you are competing against sometimes up to 300 applicants for a particular role. So if your application is generic, then what differentiates you from the other applicants out there?” Funnily enough, this time last year that’s exactly where she herself was stuck – competing against other generic resume writers for work to help people refresh their resumes. It wasn’t the business she’d hoped for; it was uninspiring, low-paid and felt like a constant battle to gain clients, so she took on anyone! Without clarity on her unique value to her clients, or a clear space in the market that she could be seen as an expert, she was in a price-based battle for the bottom.

That all changed really quickly when she joined Business JAM last July.

She’s just had her busiest January yet, and 95% of the people she’s working with fit her ideal customer perfectly! What’s more, they found her. AND… just to add some icing to the cake – she’s just sold her first 4-figure package! I showed her how to define WHAT her specific value is and specifically WHO is her perfect fit client, then HOW to connect with them through targeted content that’s completely aligned, so she stands out as the “obvious choice” to those perfect clients! It wasn’t easy at first, as you’ll hear her admit in this interview, but once the pieces clicked into place, she experienced almost immediate change!

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