How To Use Blogging To Grow Your Online Business – 5 Expert Tips From Elaine Rau, the LadyBossBlogger

content marketing marketing Jan 30, 2020

There’s no argument that a blog can drive growth for your business. 

As well as improving your search engine ranking, helping attract your ideal customers to your website (where you can convert them to subscribers and leads), blogging creates connection, builds credibility and trust – the essential ingredients for effective marketing and sales.  

Today I bring you some expert tips from Elaine Rau founder of, who’s built her highly successful online business through blogging. 

A bit of background about Elaine.

After just 3 years of blogging, she’s amassed an audience of 250,000+ followers worldwide, has been featured in hundreds of publications and has spoken on stages all over the world about how to become a successful blogger and influencer

It all started when she lost her job, home, and brother-in-law in one week. 

Stuck in a developing country with an 80% unemployment rate, she had to learn how to make money online ASAP and managed to monetize her brand new blog the very first week

After a year of blogging, she was interviewed by the Huffington Post on her success and shortly afterward people started emailing her blogging related questions which she answered then turned into her signature course: Start A Money Making Blog.

Now, over to Elaine for her expert tips on using blogging to grow your business.


1. Blogging Makes You Google-able (SEO)

Instead of running after customers, let your customers find you organically on Google! 

Here are some simple SEO (search engine optimization) tips that you should include in every post: Make sure to have ONLY ONE heading 1 tag (this is your headline), several heading 2 tags (subheadings), and a meta description (which is the 2 sentence description that is shown underneath your headline that you type to entice people to click on your content). 

Also, make sure to include an ALT tag on all your photos

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, sign up for my free 21-Day Build A Better Blog course where I’ve included some visuals to aid you.


2. Blogging Makes Your Words Authoritative

Showcase your expertise and wow your customers by writing informative blog posts about your products, keep it interesting by embedding photo and video content and sharing fun and relatable stories. 

Let’s say someone typed into Google “how to start the keto diet” and your product is a keto supplement.

You could write a post about what you can eat on a keto diet and include a link to your supplement and why it’s beneficial. 

Note from Jessica: Or, if you’re a service business, you can write informative blogs on your area of expertise. Using the above example, if you’re a nutritionist, you could write a blog about what you need to know about a keto diet and give them tips on how to do keto safely and the best foods to use and avoid.


3. Blogging Is The King Of Content Marketing

The best way to market your products is to create content around it. A good way to do this is to create tutorials about how to use your products in an educational way. 

For example, if someone was looking up good skincare routines for acne-prone skin and you have a tutorial with your products and a realistic before and after photo (or video) compared to well-known brands, that would be a great content marketing piece that you could share over and over again on all your social media platforms.

Note from Jessica: You can do the exact same thing if you’re a service provider, create a tutorial about something you do, that you know your audience would benefit from. For example, if you’re a social media manager, you could create a tutorial about making Instagram stories, showcasing your knowledge but also helping out your audience who want to learn more.


4. Blogging Makes Your Business Stand Out

Having a blog (and posting on it regularly) separates you from the pack of other business owners who are simply trying to push their products onto customers. 

When people read your valuable content, they start to trust you as a person and/or company and develop a relationship with you. 

Once they are ready, they will not only become a customer, but also a raving FAN who talks about your business to others for you FOR FREE.


5. Blogging Allows For Easy Marketing Automation

You don’t want to be tied to your business as an online business owner. It’s exhausting to be “online all the time”. 

Make sure to schedule out your content via a social media scheduler such as SmarterQueue that recycles your content. 

After you have written a sizable chunk of evergreen blog posts, schedule them out for the next few months and let the software do the rest for you. 

My content recycles every 90 days – I haven’t touched my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles for a year because of this, but it looks like I’m online and posting all the time! 

For more tips on blogging and online business, check out For my best stuff, check out my courses:


Wow, thanks for those awesome tips Elaine!

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