Story: Focus on the metrics that matter to grow your business – with Claudia Harley

business strategy marketing Mar 01, 2021
Meet Claudia – she’s no ordinary bookkeeper! She’s all about lean growth (a lady after my own heart!) and uses numbers to plan future growth with smart investments, to find places where a business can be optimised, simply by doing something a different way.


Claudia joined Business JAM in July last year, when her bookkeeping business was just an idea for a third business – she’s one driven and multitalented lady!

Although finance is her professional background of many many years, she felt unclear on how to develop a service business that was more than a freelancer and knew she needed help on the strategy.

Fast forward a few short months and she launched in November.

Even with a tiny audience of 4 people on her FB page, she made back her investment in just 2 months!

And working with people who she’d identified as the best fit for her.

I asked her to share her tips on proactive finance management and her insights on her success so far too, what she’s learnt.

Have a listen and let me know what you’re going to change in your biz below

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