Story: How Narrowing Her Niche Helped Her Business to Expand

business strategy ideal customer marketing May 01, 2020

Today I’m talking to Nicole from Creative Mum Life about her first two years in business and how she started off with a broad market and has since narrowed her niche to enable her business to expand.

Our usual logic is that the biggest scope of opportunity comes with the biggest market so when we start a business it’s very common to go after a broad section of the market instead of a specific niche.

However, as Nicole experienced, when you get really clear on exactly who your business exists for, and what they really want to achieve – marketing gets so much easier!

Nicole’s vision is to be the go-to resource for mums searching for kids activities to expand their educational journey at home.

At the start she added every possible business category (including party services!) but discovered that it was hard to develop her market because her target was so broad.


Time to niche down

A year in, she took a step back and reviewed her strategy, then narrowed her niche to focus on services that supported children’s education and development.

Within her focus niche, she’s since been busy expanding the range of learning-inspired services and products that are proving popular with her audience of mums.

In the last year she’s added a marketplace for ready-made resources such as creative activity kits and mindfulness journals.

And just recently she’s launched her own range of printable learn-at-home activity packs – for pre-school and primary school kids – enabling parents to give them fun, creative activities at home to boost their development!

Nicole’s online community of mums has been expanding internationally, and I can’t wait to see her continued success as she goes from strength to strength.

Nicole’s done all this while juggling her day job and caring for her two young daughters.

Watch the video below to hear Nicole share her experiences navigating the new world of online business and being a work-at-home mum on her days off from her job. It’s been a huge learning curve, and Nicole gives us a few tips on how she’s managed it without throwing her laptop out the window!



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